Mini Button Pad Set - White

Replacement: None. We do not have a direct replacement, but are looking for one. This page is for reference only.

This is a button pad set that is designed to mount in a project enclosure. Comes with a white button pad and bezel.

The silicon rubber buttons have small conductive pads on the back side of the button to allow for shorting traces on a PCB - like the button mechanism inside a TV remote. Each button has a small 3mm hole for smaller 3mm LEDs. Any color LED will show nicely through these buttons.

The button pad and bezel can be separated into 3 separate button segments or used as is. Each button configuration has 4 mounting holes located in each corner for sturdy mounting in any enclosure.

This set does not include a PCB, but example designs are available below.

  • Height - 0.3", diameter of one button - 0.48"

Customer Comments

  • These have been out of stock for months. Is it necessary to back-order in order to get them?

  • Nice buttons. They look way cool when you have a different colored LED under each one. Though, the directional middle button is fairly difficult to use as an actual directional. I’m just using all four contacts as one button.

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