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Power Supply - Digital Single Output DC 30V/1A

Replacement: None. We don't have a direct replacement, but check out our other power supplies here. This page is for reference only.

This is a high quality adjustable 30V/1A output power supply. 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz input.

We've played with many bench power supplies and worked with many suppliers. We found that too many suppliers were cutting things just a bit too close with quality and engineering. These units are high quality and should last for years. We use this supplier for our power supplies in SparkFun production.

  • Constant voltage or current
  • Dual backlit LCD displays for voltage and current
  • Short circuit protection
  • Current limiting
  • High load/line regulation
  • Low noise/ripple
  • Banana plug output terminals
  • AC power cord with US prongs


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  • Followup - I've had this unit for about a year, and I suspect that it's starting to fail. I occasionally get "phantom current" readings - nothing is plugged in, yet the meter shows 40 milliamps, or the dials are set for 12v out yet the output gets stuck at 0.4v and stays there until the leads are unplugged/replugged.
    This wouldn't worry me so much if I hadn't had three expensive chips go up in smoke in quick succession for no apparent reason. I'm now wary of this power supply, and will look into getting a replacement.

  • I have this model, works fine. Controls are a little fidgety and output is a little noisy, but overall it works great for everything I've tried.

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