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Making Things Talk

Replacement:BOK-11086. We are now selling the second edition of this book which is updated for the release of Arduino 1.0. This page is for reference only.

Tom Igoe is one of the prolific actors on the Arduino scene. One of the core of 5 Arduino developers, Tom has amassed a huge volume of knowledge working with a multitude of technologies and a large number of students over the past decade. Making Things Talk is a small section of what he has learned. This book (in color!) covers a wide range: flex sensors, Bluetooth wireless, XBee wireless, USB, networks, IR remote control, RFID, force sensitive resistors, protocols, and of course, lots of LEDs. It's pretty awesome - and it's not just how to work with these neat technologies, but how to apply them in innovative projects. This is a great book to build upon a basic knowledge of Arduino. Tom does a great way of describing and teaching on a very easy to understand level, while getting complex concepts across.



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  • I bought this book last month, to get me started with my Arduino kit. What amazed me is how quickly the book gets into doing really interesting in-depth stuff, such as communicating with bluetooth modules. All in the space of a few chapters.
    I know virtually nothing about electronics, but am a programmer, and this book takes all the fear out of the electronics for me.
    I've been able to follow everything so far, without any hitches and the only thing holding me back is my lack of funds for purchasing new electronics gear.
    It's a great book and if you're a programmer and not an EE, you won't regret buying it.

  • Thanks for making this a sale item. I'd been eyeing this for some time and the sale was the extra push to pick it up, i am enjoying it very much so far. thanks again

    • You're welcome! It's a great book and worth the price and awesome for the (now over) sale price.

  • Makes for easy reading and provides a valuable insight for designing most things Arduino. A must for anyone nervous in electronics or programming or both!!!

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