USB miniB Cable - 3.5 Foot Retractable

Replacement: None. There is no direct replacement for this cable, we just stopped carrying it. This page is for reference only.

This is a retractable USB 2.0 type A to miniB cable. The cable is high-quality and the design is tangle-free. The maximum cable length is 3.5ft, and there are catches to hold the cable to your desired length, anywhere in between. The SparkFun flame logo is imprinted onto the wire housing.

This cable is great if you need to reduce clutter, or if you’re traveling!

  • Max length: 3.5ft

Customer Comments

  • Hi, my name is Phil, and I’m addicted to retractable cables.
    It started with just one, in my laptop bag, to go along with a digital camera. Normally I used a regular style USB cable for things, but small stuff is great for travel, right? Then I grabbed it for PICkit 2 programming as it was the nearest thing handy, and it was all downhill from there. No more coily spring thing looping around my desk or tipping over a circuit breadboard with its top-heavyness. This was way better!
    So I got a couple more for at my desk…great for the UBW32, or FTDI Basic Breakout, or all manner of other things. Even for non-portable use, these were so much more handy, so small and easy to store away. Then a couple more for the garage, because I sometimes do electronics work out there, too. Cheap enough to then add a couple spares, as it’s only a matter of time before I misplace some of these. Then spares for the spares…
    There are now retractable cables overflowing from every drawer and cupboard in the house. I keep hidden stashes around…under the cat bed, inside cereal boxes, behind secret books on the shelves. I have a problem. Please be careful about buying these, as they’re just too damn handy and will take over your life!

  • I also bought this cable and find this cable has serious signal integrity problem.
    For low-speed or full-speed device it works fine, but when it goes to high-speed, the packet corruption rate is too high for any practical use.

  • I, too, have had problems with this cable. The computer recognizes that something is plugged in, and the peripheral (ATMEGA with USBasp bootloader) successfully powers on, but the computer is not able to transfer data with the peripheral. Normal cables are successful. I was hoping to use this for programming on the go, but I think it will only work for battery charging… :( Anyone have advice? Other than that huge flaw, construction and retractableawesomeness is better than expected.

  • This cable is great for use with microcontrollers, but it doesn’t work with digital cameras. I’ve tried it with two still cameras and a video camera, and none of them appeared on the computer.

    • I’m also seeing a similar problem with these cables. I bought four of them, and of the two I have with me now, neither my camera nor my hard-drive are detected when I use either of these two cables. Luckily I had a standard cable with me too. I don’t have the other two handy to check those, but I suspect they won’t work either. :-(

  • I’ll second what pburgess said and also mention that microUSB is the new and improved version of the miniUSB connector. A retractable version of all 3 connectors would be very handy!

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