Key Fob Enclosure with Button Pad

Replacement: None. We don’t carry these enclosures anymore but have a look at some of our other enclosures. This page is for reference only.

This is the enclosure for our Nordic FOB. Perfect for a remote control project, this product includes both the top and bottom enclosures and the 5-key button pad - but does not include the PCB.

Designing a PCB for this could be a bit tricky; we’ve included the Eagle files for the Nordic FOB so you can get a general idea of what the board should look like.

Customer Comments

  • I’m looking to make a small IR remote control and this looks like it would be a perfect enclosure. I grabbed the Nordic FOB EAGLE files, but they’re not very specific about what buttons and the battery enclosure (really all I’ll be using from the original design) so I was wondering if either SparkFun carries the parts used, or if there’s are part numbers that I can use as a reference?

  • Has anyone used one of these and created their own pcb for it? How much room inside is there thickness wise? I’m wondering if one of the RF transmitter modules will fit on the side of PCB opposite the button pads. The RF modules is about 5-6 millimeters thick.

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