Gyro Breakout Board - IXZ500 Dual 500°/s

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This is a breakout board for the dual axis IXZ-500 gyro. The IXZ-500 is a very small gyroscope, designed to sense angular velocity on the x and z axes (pitch/yaw).****The gyro features a primary output with a ±500°/s full scale range, for measuring higher speed motions, and has a secondary output with a ±110°/s full-scale range, for sensing more precise movements. These dual outputs allow the system designer to use an analog-to-digital-converter (ADC) with two fewer bits, saving overall system cost.

This breakout board includes the IXZ-500 and all components as shown - a 2.8VDC LDO voltage regulator, and filtering components. All necessary pins of the IXZ-500 are brought out to a 9-pin 0.1" pitch header.

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  • IXZ-500 Dual Axis Gyroscope
  • On-board 2.8VDC voltage regulator
  • All necessary filtering components
  • Pins broken out to a 0.1" pitch header
  • Integrated X- and Z-axis gyros on a single chip with in-plane mounting
  • Two separate outputs per axis for higher speed motions and lower-speed precise movements:
    • 500°/s full scale range (higher speed)
    • 110°/s full scale range (high precision)
  • Integrated amplifiers and low-pass filters
  • Auto Zero function for bias calibration
  • On-chip temperature sensor* Board: 0.65x0.9"


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