microSD Socket - Style 2

Replacement: None. While there is no direct replacement for this part, check out our sockets category for more SD and microSD card sockets. This page is for reference only.

Do you need *a lot *of space? But you need it in the size of your pinky nail? microSD (uSD) is here to save the day. TransFlash has now completed standards certification and is now known as microSD. Compatible with the SPI interface found on any SD card, this tiny form factor was created for cell phone storage and is perfect for your next MP3 project! This is a high quality push-push type SMD socket.

**Note: **Don't get tripped up by the two styles. This socket is similar to style 1 but the SMD pads are placed at the end of the socket.




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  • For all concerned, I did manage to solder this with my cheapo $10 iron to a breakout board I made. Let's see if it holds :p

  • I am unable to access the link provided on the Sharp Site for the SD SPI protocol. Could someone please post the correct link or post the document on the SF site.

  • ARMinator - this is pin compatible with the old socket that Sparkfun was selling roughly a year ago.

  • So let me get this straight: is this the original socket Sparkfun used to sell, the one with the pads at the end of the connector?

  • There are 2 SD sockets that Sparkfun sells: PRD-00127 and PRT-09545 (this one). There is also a part in the eagle library. Which one of these (if either) matches up with the one in the current eagle library?
    Back in March '09, I ordered a board with the eagle part that was current at that time. It was thought to match PRD-00127. Unfortunately, the part changed but the part number did not change. When I got the parts from Sparkfun, they did not match my board with the part from the eagle library. Sparkfun said their supplier changed the part on them. I'm hoping this one (being called style 2) is the old style they used to sell. If so, it would match the part that is probably still in the eagle library and my old boards. For now, I found a completely different socket from another shop that matches up with the PCB layout enough to solder to.
    The pictures on this product do not match the eagle part library (the last time that I checked it in March). There is a note here that says that the pictures are of the other product, PRD-00127 style 1. Perhaps this part, style 2, matches the eagle library. If so, it would be easier to solder to since the pins are in the back. Can we get some pictures of this part (style 2) so that we can see if it matches what is in the eagle library?
    Sparkfun: 4UCONN told me back in the day that their part that matched what was in the library was part number 19354. Is that what this is?

    • Spot on. This is the OLD socket (pre-February '09ish) that we used to stock. I'll make sure to get some correct pictures up soon.
      I think that 4uconn part number was correct at one time, but it seems they like to switch these numbers up to keep us on our toes.
      Both styles of uSD sockets should be in our Eagle Library, check under the USD-SOCKET device.

  • Well that connector is pretty much useless to people who assemble exclusively with an iron. The pins are underneath the package and can't be reached. The other package allowed this, and apparently you're not stocking the other package. PLEASE HELP!

    • what other one? I just have to ask, I don't remember seen any MicroSD Socket om sparkfun the you could do that with, well maybe this one, but I'll wait for the real pictures.

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