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Crimp Pins for Dust Sensor Connector

This is a crimp pin for the ZH-6 JST connector, which can be used to interface with the GP2Y1010AU0F Optical Dust Sensor. These are sold as individual crimp pins, so get 6 if you're getting them for that connector.

They should work with wires ranging from 28 to 26 AWG.


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  • My students were able to crimp about 60% of these successfully with regular needle-nose pliers. If you want a higher success rate, use crimping pliers, which in my lab are named "the precioussss."

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Do the job

Used them when I didn't really know enough for what I was doing. Work with the connector and dust sensor. I had to crimp them with needle nose, and I wouldn't recommend it. Was a log pain of a day.