SparkFun Inventor's Kit Overlays

These are small slips of paper that are placed on top of a breadboard and held in place with headers. They show beginners where to plug wires to create the circuits included with the SparkFun Inventor's Kit. If you've already got the parts, we figured you might want the overlays by themselves.

Note: These are designed to fit the clear breadboard. They should work with larger breadboards but the power buses may not line up correctly (larger breadboards often have split power buses).

You can print your own! The PDFs are below. But if you want to skip the hassle, here 'tis.


Note: This version of the SIK overlays have an error on the temperature circuit (CIRC10). The LM335A is wired incorrectly. You can find the correct overlay here. This will be corrected on the next SIK revision.


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  • Errata; On page 10, at the top of page; should say TMP36 not LM335A ;)

    • The AIK ships with the LM335A temperature sensor, not the TMP36. The AIK manual is correct. Good eyes though! We are fixing the overlay.

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