Replacement: None. We will no longer be carrying this board. This page is for reference only.

The VoiceGP DK-T2SI includes all of the hardware and software you need to quickly and easily develop voice recognition capabilities into our desired application.

In addition to the standard software tools of the VoiceGP DK the VoiceGP DK-T2SI includes a user license for Sensory's QuickT2SILite for creating your own Speaker Independent Vocabularies.

Kit Contents:

  • VoiceGP Module
  • VoiceGP Devboard
  • VoiceGP Software
  • Software CD, USB Cable, Quick Start Guide
  • User License for Sensory's QuickT2SI Lite
    (for creation of Speaker Independent Commands)

VoiceGP Module Hardware:

  • RSC-4128 (with ROM Bootloader)
  • 512KB Code/Const Flash
  • 512KB Data Flash (Serial)
  • 128KB External RAM
  • Full access to RSC-4x I/O pins
  • Expansion bus:
    • allows faster SPI interface to MMC cards
    • 5 dedicated chip select outputs (1 used for MMC on DevBoard)
    • 2 memory enable outputs (1 used for MMC on DevBoard)
    • 8-bit wide, read-write memory bus

**VoiceGP Devboard Hardware: **

  • Wide range of power sources (USB, batteries, external power supply)
  • On-board USB / Serial adapter and programmer (upgradeable)
  • On-board Microphone (can be disabled for external audio input)
  • Selectable audio output (PWM or DAC with on-board amplifier)
  • 4 push-button inputs and 4 LED outputs for demos and fast prototypes (can be disabled to connect external circuitry)
  • SD/SDHC/MMC compatible socket for extended storage

**VoiceGP Software: **

  • VoiceGP Toolkit including:
    • VoiceGP IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with:
    • project management
    • syntax-coloring
    • auto-completion
    • project build and download
    • VoiceGP Toolchain:
    • VeeSee C language code translator (targeting the VeeEm VM)
    • VeeSee integrated C preprocessor, resource compiler and linker
    • VeeLoader code downloader / flash programmer
  • VoiceGP DevBoard drivers:
    • USB / Serial port emulation
    • USB firmware upgrade
  • Sensory development tools:
    • Sensory FluentChipTM Technology Library (build tools and documentation)
    • Sensory QuickSynthesis4TM software (speech and audio compression)
    • Sensory QuickT2SITM Lite (creation of Speaker Independent vocabularies)


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    Are you guys going to be carrying the recommended microphone - EM9745P-382?

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