Xilinx FPGA Parallel Programmer

Replacement: None. We are no longer building this board. This page is for reference only.

This is the SparkFun version of the Xilinx Parallel cable III, also known as the DLC5, with a pinout designed to work with SparkFun FPGA boards.

This unit does not ship with a 10-pin IDC cable. We are still waiting for them from our supplier.

Please note: This programming connection is not pin compatible with Xilinx or other manufacturers boards. We use our own pinout to allow longer ribbon cable runs without crosstalk. Ensure that the cable is connected as shown in the photos, as damage to the programmer and or FPGA board can result if it is improperly connected.


Customer Comments

  • Is this product being phased out? I got two of these PCBs with my scrap board order, but they match the one in the product photo (date and all).

    • are you 100% sure? do they have the SMD pads for the ribbon cable connector? I think whoever did the revision didn’t change the date. You might have gotten the older version which had a through-hole connector.

      and no, this is staying current.

      • It has the SMD pads. Quickly comparing it to the PCB in the photos, the traces and vias are in the same exact places too. I’ll break out my monocle later to see if I can spot any defects.

        • odd. that probably shouldn’t have gotten in there, oh well.

          • They look fine to me (albeit a little scratched due what I perceive as the nature of the massive “scrap board” box/drum/pit). Tell you what, I’ll sell you them back for $0.26 each!

            • I’ll take $0.20 if you overnight them :-)

              • I might consider a plain white envelope and “priority mail” (a.k.a stick a stamp on it and hope it doesn’t get bent), if they are actually useful to you guys. I promise I didn’t mess with them! :)

                • I was kidding, we don’t want them back :-)

                  Actually, I just learned we had excess boards.

                  • Don’t worry, I was too :). Anyway, they’ve made it to a nice home. I personally don’t have a use for these two specific boards, but I have a friend who is interested in using them to make jewelry.

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