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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

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Description: This is the same product as the ProtoShield Kit. The difference is this version comes in fancy clamshell packaging meant for our distributors that need it. Regular customers are welcome to order, but we want to limit the amount of extra packaging finding its way into the trash heap. A ProtoShield quickstart guide is available!

Riding on the waves of the very popular Arduino USB board is this small prototyping shield. Originally spawned with collaboration between the folks at SFE and ITP @ NYU, the ProtoShield mates with the Arduino USB board and gives the user a small soldering area, two general LEDs, access to a BlueSMiRF socket, a general push button switch, and most important of all - the Arduino reset switch is brought to the top level.

This comes in kit form and must be soldered together by the end user. Please note - we do not ship assembly instructions! There are a few tutorials on assembly listed below. All soldering is through-hole (relatively easy) but always check your component orientation before soldering!

We highly recommend this breadboard! See the related items below for all the colorful options of breadboards available.

Kit Includes:


  • All Arduino pins are brought to the top level
  • 5V, GND, and Vin pins are exposed as well
  • BlueSMiRF socket for wireless communication between Arduinos
  • 2 general use LEDs
  • 1 general use button
  • Reset button brought to top level


Standalone Circuit Board:****BatchPCB: Arduino ProtoShield

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  • Will this product fit the Leonardo?

  • This would be much cooler if you guys didn’t use the dreaded plastic clam shell.
    What would be really cool is if all the sparkfun packaging could be used as a project box. That way it would be more environmentally friendly. Also it would mean alot of projects would be sparkfun branded. I’m thinking something along the line of the plastic cases that math sets come in. Clear plastic top with knock outs for switches and buttons. The back should have mountings for many sparkfun boards and there should be a knock out for usb connectors.

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