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Arduino Compatible Parts Kit


The Breadboard Arduino Compatible Parts Kit allows you to assemble your very own Arduino on a breadboard. If you've ever wanted to make an Arduino board from scratch or just understand how it all works, this kit is a good start.
We've put together all the parts you will need including an ATmega328 preloaded with an Arduino bootloader. The breadboard overlay makes it easy to hook everything up correctly. Once you are finished, you will have a fully functioning Arduino on a breadboard.
An instruction booklet for assembling the kit is included. Previous experience with a breadboard and electronics is recommended but not absolutely necessary.


You will need an FTDI Basic or and FTDI cable  for loading code and communicating with the Arduino.

Using the Arduino Compatible Breadboard

Assembled Arduino Compatible Breadboard Kit

Once you've assembled the Arduino Compatible Breadboard kit by following the included instructions you're ready to start programming! What you have is essentially an Arduino Pro (5V, 16MHz) w/ ATmega328. This means you'll need an FTDI Basic or and FTDI cable in order to load a program to the board. You can find out more about how to program the board by reading this page on the Arduino website. After you've uploaded a sketch to the board you can use an external power source to power the board, but be certain that you unplug the FTDI before plugging in the battery/external power supply! 

The ATmega328 included in your kit will have a sticker on it. The sticker depicts the how the pin names of the ATmega328 correspond to the pin names typically seen on an Arduino. You can use these pins just like you'd use them on an Arduino.

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