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  • so by now, I am sure that you have already bought one or the other, however, I hope for your sake you went with the one from Spark Fun. The one over @MakerShed absolutely sucks. yes, this one is more expensive, but totally worth it in the end. Anyone who puts a 25w soldering iron in a "delux" tool kit should be shot on sight.

  • yes

  • For anyone who needs a servo but isn't all that sure about the torque range that they will need, these things are perfect. running at only 5v I have yet to get it to stall. They are rated for up to 6v, so I don't even want to know what they are capable of with more pwr! Absolutely amazing servos, who needs full rotation anyways.

  • Blazing Saddles. Very nice.

  • Just out of curiosity... why is the vcc pin on the outside of the PCB and the gnd on the inside? In the picture shown, the power is reversed from what is standard on bread boards. Not that this is a big deal, just seems that it would be easy to forget and screw up your pin-out down the line. Otherwise great product!

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