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University of Washington - Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics


Weight lifting, robotics, volunteering and pretty much anything that doesn’t include pop culture.


  • I missed this video - great video! Looking forward to the upcoming content. Thanks!

  • I miss the old NFPP videos. They inspired me to buy stuff I didn’t need. I’m buying less stuff these days, with the new format of the NFPP. The last three weeks I haven’t even been motivated to check out on Friday (used to be something I did every Friday). Don’t lose the spark Sparkfun!

  • The Majestic Lightstash.

  • Thank you for all the great work you guys do. It makes a huge difference!

  • I seem to find that there’s a correlation between the types of NFPP’s and my desire to spend moola. When there’s a cool demo, neet widget, etc, I tend to shop that weekend and scurry off to another project the moment the goods arrive, leaving the prior project unfinished of course. I suspect I’m not unique.

  • Casey pulled the rocket out of his pocket.

  • ‘Merica, let’s build stuff!

  • I’m a MSFT employee, and it’s truly awesome to be part of what we’re setting out to do. The tone is about people and perfect products. It’s about helping people do amazing things, and inspiring the next set of generations to come. Many of my colleagues put in well over 400 hrs/yr volunteering in the maker space communities - this is something we’re very passionate about. I’m stoked about what’s coming down the MSFT pipe, but especially so for makers and doers. At MSFT, we recently implemented a Hackathon - a week/year dedicated to making, where we’re paid and encouraged to create and do something awesome. Last year I built a robot that would follow someone around as they walk, leveraging SparkFun products and the Surface Pro 3. This year, while I don’t know exactly what I’ll be creating - it’ll incorporate a Surface, RPi w/ Win10, Azure and Cortana.

  • I personally love my Surface Pro 3 for all my electronics work. I can do everything I need, even when on the go.

  • Relative statement. +1 for Sarah. Shawn and Sarah are kind of like Grant, Carie and Tory from the myth busters, as “the bearded one” is to Jamie and Adam.