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  • No aerial competition is, of course, a bit of a drag, but completely understandable. (The year I finally have both time and resources to attempt an entry, it was, of course, planned as an aerial entry.) But I am excited about the non-GPS angle and the pending shortcut, And of course, who wouldn’t be excited about robot battles! As always, see you there!

  • I refuse to believe that no one at NSTA had a green laser on their person. Sure, there may have been a small explosion when the laser breached the surface of the balloon, but it would have garnered less disdain than the wrath of eight IATSE workers.

  • Sweet, it’s not the same weekend as my wedding! I can attend both without painful explanation! See you all there!!

  • I posted links to both the Coding with Anna and Elsa and the Khan Academy Hour of Code. Trying hard to get my friends, but more than that, my friends kids, excited about coding. And truth be told, my Java sure could use some brushing up.

  • I felt the same nostalgia and sadness upon reading of his passing. Such an interesting life, and a man who had a strong vision, and didn’t allow a decade of being told “no” to stop him from achieving that vision.

  • Peter Jackson comes from New Zealand and says to me, “Sir Ian, I want you to be Gandolf, the Wizard”. And I say to him, “You are aware that I am not really a wizard?”

  • Great work! I too was thrilled to see Moog opening up to musician hackers (and possibly hack musicians).

    The D.S. is a nice touch, too. Although I couldn’t seem to find the segno when I went back.

  • Wow, usually I get asked to help with the move, then not invited to the party. I like this way better. See you there!

  • For those interested, here is the FAA’s Advisory Circular, AC 91-57. It outlined their suggested guidelines for hobbyists flying UAVs. It was written in 1981, when they had no idea of the explosion of hobbyist UAVs to come.

    I also followed the FAA v Pirker case with great interest, including reading all of the legal briefs. Very interesting, especially in regards to their assumed power to declare illegal the use of UAVs for profit. Part of the problem leading up to that case was that the FAA did not accept comments, but just started writing regulations, and then telling people that it was law. Probably one of the main reasons the case was ruled in Pirker’s favor.

    The other interesting point is that in the last five years, in instances where there have been injuries of even (one) death, the FAA has not investigated. (April 2010 in Tampa, FL; August 2010 in Brighton, CO; September 2013 in Brooklyn, NY.) They have actively avoided any contact with these cases.

    And finally, television, movie, and even commercial crews have been using UAVs to capture footage for years. I’m sure that the FAA has not been sending cease-and-desist orders to The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Spotlight Films, and the like.

    Thank you for this great article, and for telling others where they can lodge comments and suggestions before the 23rd. I’m very interested to see how this plays out.

  • No worries, thanks for letting me know, so I can let her down easy. And then pick up the Simon Kit. Or the Simon Kit. Or perhaps even the Simon Tilt Kit!

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