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I was a champ at Basic; fair at HTML; Just finished a course in Python; constantly improving in C+


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  • I’d love to go, too, but Chrome no longer supports NPAPI, rendering EventBrite’s site unusable for me. Grrr…. >:-(

    Guess I’ll have to browse elsewhere for a way to get tix.

    [Edit] Okay, I used IE, but under protest. See you there!

  • I’ve used the PIR/MP3 Trigger setup before, and it has been glorious! Picture this among a row of wig heads in a costume shop.

  • SadBabyShawn

  • HymelOfTheNight

  • OperaShawn

  • After an extended day drinking session for science, Shawn thought it would be a good idea to first-hand test Sparkfun’s Triple Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Breakout and the Altitude/Pressure Sensor Breakout. ShawnStrangelove

  • I have two things that continue to send me down never-ending rabbit holes when it comes to DIY projects:

    1) The fact that I have a continuing and unquenchable thirst for knowledge, particularly when it pertains to things that interest me.

    2) The fact that I’m just not smart enough to know that I shouldn’t be able to do everything, so I continue forth and do it.

    Very often, what I want is completely custom, which is why I have drawers of components and a 3D printer. (Working on a desktop CNC, which will also help.) Often it’s something to be given as a gift, or something required at work. I will generally say that I can create something based solely on the fact that I know that, theoretically, it should be possible, it’s just a matter of me figuring out how to turn the theoretical into the physical. A problem I occasionally run into with personal projects is that I’ll get a project 85% completed, be able to see clearly the remaining steps needed to accomplish it, know that, in fact, yes, I can accomplish it, and then get distracted by another project. It’s a personal failing that I’m working to remedy.

    I will say that I recently found my DIY limit, though. I bought a new DSLR for my honeymoon, and I knew that the camera has an IR sensor for remote triggering. I have everything I need right here at my desk to make one, but I also had only three days to accomplish it. Since I had to work all three days, and an off-the-shelf IR remote was only about seven bucks, I folded and took that route. But I still may make a repeater or two, so I can increase the distance at which I can use the remote. It can’t be ALL off the shelf stuff!

  • I was a music major (sorry Mom & Dad), so am an un-degreed learner. I have been continually learning - books, Coursera, and eventually made it to a Sparkfun SIK workshop. That launched me further and faster than anything else. I work in theatre, so with every new show, I am afforded new opportunities to learn. With each show, I am able to find something that can be done more smoothly, faster, or with greater precision, with electronics. I’ve become reasonably fluent in programming stepper motors, off-board or stand-alone lights, servos, MIDI, relays, IR, bluetooth, LCD screens, and am currently working on sequencing the illuminated dance floor for Saturday Night Fever independently of the light board. (Running it through the light board could take up to 81 channels.) I am lucky to be in a position where I can create learning opportunities for myself with hard deadlines. More often than not, I have explained a project to a production team, knowing that it is possible, but not yet knowing how to do it. Then I have to learn something completely new in a finite (and usually short) period of time. Passion helps immeasurably. I get excited about every project, not only for the wow factor of the finished product, but also for the new lump of knowledge that I know will wind up in the filing cabinet of my brain.

  • I’d love to know what happened to the SCORPION, and why it’s not being used as an autonomous defensive bot somewhere on the AVC track!

  • Fun project, and I love the DMNS. I was just there last weekend (getting married!), and I remember thinking, this is a good museum, but what it really needs is more displays with the ability to terrify the disrespectful!

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