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Actor, Musician, Theatrical Technician & Engineer of the ridiculous


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Arvada Center for the Arts

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I was a champ at Basic; fair at HTML; Just finished a course in Python; constantly improving in C+


AEA, PADI, Bugles Across America

  • I was a music major (sorry Mom & Dad), so am an un-degreed learner. I have been continually learning - books, Coursera, and eventually made it to a Sparkfun SIK workshop. That launched me further and faster than anything else. I work in theatre, so with every new show, I am afforded new opportunities to learn. With each show, I am able to find something that can be done more smoothly, faster, or with greater precision, with electronics. I’ve become reasonably fluent in programming stepper motors, off-board or stand-alone lights, servos, MIDI, relays, IR, bluetooth, LCD screens, and am currently working on sequencing the illuminated dance floor for Saturday Night Fever independently of the light board. (Running it through the light board could take up to 81 channels.) I am lucky to be in a position where I can create learning opportunities for myself with hard deadlines. More often than not, I have explained a project to a production team, knowing that it is possible, but not yet knowing how to do it. Then I have to learn something completely new in a finite (and usually short) period of time. Passion helps immeasurably. I get excited about every project, not only for the wow factor of the finished product, but also for the new lump of knowledge that I know will wind up in the filing cabinet of my brain.

  • I’d love to know what happened to the SCORPION, and why it’s not being used as an autonomous defensive bot somewhere on the AVC track!

  • Fun project, and I love the DMNS. I was just there last weekend (getting married!), and I remember thinking, this is a good museum, but what it really needs is more displays with the ability to terrify the disrespectful!

  • My thought on return of the aerial competition - Autonomous SAM / Aerial Perturbance Category, or ASAP Category (because I enjoy acronyms as much as Sparkfun does!). Hold the aerial competition over the open fields to the east or south east of SFHQ, perhaps South of Mineral Rd. Then set up the ASAP competitors in the parking lot behind the building. Any plane/multi-rotor/hot air balloon that strays too close to the building is fair game, and points go to the team who actually brings down the wayward vehicle. And if this scares all of the aerial competitors into creating entries that never stray into the DMZ, we can always get a couple of frisbee throwing robots from the 2013 STEM competition to launch targets for the ASAP teams .


  • I’ve met Nate, and he’s also a really great guy! So thrilled that these two hooked up, and are bringing together two great companies with great product lines. Looking forward to tomorrow’s blog, and all of the nuts and bolts of the new collaboration!

  • ♫ When you’re a tech, you’re a tech all the way! ♫

  • Great video! You know when a unicorn is not the coolest thing in your video, you’re winning!

    Side note - check the hyperlink for Arduino Day Sale. Should be https://www.sparkfun.com/arduinoday2015, I believe.

  • Congratulations, Pete! Very cool, and well deserved.

  • I have an entire box of objects with negative space inside. Or objects in which i can create negative space. The more something blends in to its surroundings, the cooler it is when it actually lights up/moves/yells a line from Young Frankenstein at passers-by. Even an old trophy can be turned into a bluetooth headset.

  • Outstanding! Looking forward to it.

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