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  • yeah, if this isn't ul certified, someone buys this and it burns their house down, there is a very good chance they could take legal action against you. and they would want to, because if this was the cause of the fire, insurance wouldn't pay out. I would take this product down immediately and only once you have verified it's safety, put it back up. or if you figure out it's not safe, someone didn't do their research. many of these are horribly constructed and capable of failing in fiery ways or shocking someone if the isolation fails. You don't want to play with fire here.

  • October 21, 2015 was the day that they traveled to in back to the future 2.

    This product was posted on October 21'st, 2015. Back to the future day.

    If you haven't watched back to the future, do so now. you'll get it.

  • Also, are these kept refrigerated in your warehouse? and at what temperature? you can extend the shelf life of this stuff for up to a year if refrigerated, but you have to be careful not to freeze it. That separates some of the components and usually ruins it. (ever had yogurt after it's been frozen and thawed? No amount of stirring can get it to mix and "taste right" again)

  • It's stranded. Although if you pre tin it, it will solder to a board quite nicely - Either through hole or to an smd pad. (Works both ways for me at least.)

  • How heavy is this motor exactly? I need to make a custom manipulator for a deltabot and I need to know how heavy this thing is so I know if it's a good fit. Can anyone tell me this? and shouldn't the weight of a product be presented on the product page for all products? Sparkfun has probably already measured it for shipping reasons anyways.....

  • I believe this (RPSMA) is the type of connector/cable that wifi routers usually use. The SMA one us usually used in cellular and GPS antennas. Don't get them mixed up or they won't fit!

    (For anyone not educated on the difference between the two, look at the middle pin on the male connector. If the pin is male, It's a RPSMA. If the pin is female, it's a SMA)

  • Since you seem to be going exotic and expensive, why not replace the engine in a pruis / hybrid electric vehicle system with this? It's basically perfect. The electric motor provides the burst power, while the turbine provides a constant source (They don't like operating very much outside of their specified rpm's) of regenerative power for long periods when needed. You could even build a sparkfun boat with this setup if wanted. (I'm currently trying to convince a relative that this is a good setup for an experimental semi truck)

    There's a reason that you don't typically see turbines used outside aviation (high power/weight ratio), power generation, and ....and.... I got nothing else.

  • I'm having the same problem. I tried it with arduino 1.0.3 as well and it pulled the same error. While I'm getting better at arduino, I'm still at the "modify example code and see what happens" stage so I have no idea what would be causing this error or what it means.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I got it to work. I just unzipped the file and dumped it in the library folder. On closer inspection, the unzipped file isn't the library folder and contains basically every bit of documentation for this board, including the library. I moved the library where it belonged and it compiled just fine.

  • Ah, Thanks for the tip. It will probably be simpler to design just a RFM22 version of the boards as well as the RFM12 Band RFM22 have different footprints. Unfortunately this means these modules are too expensive for me to purchase from Sparkfun. Fortunately they are available other places for around $6 - Just search for "RFM22" on Google or Ebay

  • Ok, but aren't pizo speakers usually minimally flexible and brittle? What is being done here to make it flexible? Oh, and how much of a bend will it tolerate? Will folding it back upon itself cause it to fail? (open one up?)