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Description: Ribbon cable is really helpful in situations where you need to make a lot of connections without a big mess of wires. Nothing makes a project look more finished than a nice clean wiring harness.

This is a 15ft. length of 10-wire ribbon cable. Check the related products below for crimp-on connectors that will fit this cable.


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Customer Comments

  • Can you tear off a group of wires from the 10. For instance could I easily turn this into a 4 wire and two 3 wire ribbons?

  • why is this more expensive per foot than the 3ft section sold at $.95 (#10649)? 10649 is $.32ft and this is a penny more at $.33 per foot. Yes I know… but if you buy 10 qty of 10649 it drops to $.29ft and $.60 for this same length.

    • because rounding, and because generally smaller quantities will cost a bit more. our quantity discount is also universal, so it just applies a set discount across all products.

  • Is each wire 15 feet or is all 10 wires together 15ft so 1.5ft per wire?

  • Is this solid core or stranded? Could the wires easily be soldered to a board instead of using a crimp connector?

    • It’s stranded. Although if you pre tin it, it will solder to a board quite nicely - Either through hole or to an smd pad. (Works both ways for me at least.)

  • What voltage and current is it rated for? i.e. can I have 5V 1A going on these?

    • While you’d have to check for your specific use (length, voltage drop, what temperature you’re comfortable with, etc.), the datasheet specifies the strands as 28 AWG and our handy dandy little workbook has values a fair bit over 1A.
      Online resources note several different values, but also all above 1A. Looks like a few decades ago 28 AWG ribbon cables were especially tested and they concluded 3A - I’d err on the cautious side and not try that, though; http://www.osti.gov/bridge/product.biblio.jsp?osti_id=6970997

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Ribbon cable

Does exactly what it should. Didn’t have to run a mess of single wires.

Umm, it's ribbon cable

What can I say? Crimps nicely? Would love to write an Amazon.com worthy review, but I am just not that talented.

worked exactly as a ribbon cable should.

Used these as new ExxonMobil speed pass cables inside the gas dispenser electronis head. They cut nice, accepted there ends properly, and routed well. So far all has operated correctly. Will order again and keep in as spare stock.