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Born. Joined the Navy as an electronics technician. Got my BSEE, working as an EE.


Electrical Engineer. Hardware hacker. Handyman.

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Analog electronics.


Hack/Make/Mod and fun.



  • Damn your prophesy, sir!

  • Is that a Versapak drill/driver Nathan is holding?

  • I have a feeling next year’s AVC is going to be awesome.

  • Actually, I’d say Radio Shack’s self-destruction contributed to the rise of this website/store; they got out of depth in hobby electronics and focused on cell phones, sacrificing what made them unique. Something had to rush in to fill the vacuum.

  • You could still consider giving Open Source Barbie realistic, human proportions. Look at those stick-figure limbs! She’s not actually eating that pizza.

  • Volume 2 is FINALLY out! Delayed more than a year. So get on that, Sparkfun!

  • The potential Performance/Watt processing power was precisely why I was intrigued by the Edison platform; I had assembled a 5-element cluster of Atom processors prior to this; at the time, the only ready-made solutions had GPU alongside the CPU, inflating the amount of power it used by multiples (can’t remember the exact numbers). In the low-power category, the Atom still had one of the highest PPW around, and the x86-compatibility meant low barrier to entry for the software team. We didn’t need the GPU, however; access to the OS was through a terminal. All we need it to do was math, and lots of it. I would certainly like to see a benchmark on its computing power.

  • Programmable Staples Easy Button! Think of the possibilities. Now I have to go make some measurements. The round form factor should fit quite nicely, though. Would have to make a top-mounted daughterboard for the activation button. That feature would be useful for some of the other suggestions here, too.

  • Anybody remember the intro to Billy Idol’s album Cyberpunk?

    The computer is the new cool tool, and though we say “all information should be free,” it is not. Information is power and currency in the virtual world we inhabit, so mistrust authority.

    I think the fear is that they will control information, but I think they are wanting to stream propietary paid content faster to their customers. Either way, the bandwidth will only increase for advertisements. We’re probably downloading ads vs. content 10:1 byte for byte.

  • Graphite. Get thick pencil leads for your sensor probe; no corrosion. Just be careful not to break them. Hmmmm, maybe some graphite thermal sheets would work as well, fastened with double-stick tape to the stake. I have some of that with one sticky side… off to the laboratory!