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  • this board (with this firmware) can handle interruptions?

  • if i pass to semifinals, then i only get the ESP8266 Blynk Board?. The materials for build the project run on my own?. Thanks. PS: i'm currently outside of US. i can`t enter to the contest? even if i pay the shipment of the kit?

  • music video... "rainbow in the dark" DIO ft R.C.

  • The link to board definitions files is broken?????.... I need the board definition files?.... Can i use the Arduino IDE???... HOW?... Thanks for your help. Best Regards

  • "I wonder if we can implement this sort of system for voting in the US …"


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    personally... i'm like more the system of the last year... i love the quiz system....maybe the next year can do a fusion of the 2011 and 2012 free day system.

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  • I can't take te quiz... do'nt connect or too lagg...Help

  • semi-pro:

    One more thing. Is it just me, or the majority of Arduino users would not go for something more difficult? I have coworkers who you could bet they'd stick to Arduino for pretty much any application they could think of (the only thing I didn't hear from them was the building of 100 MSPS scope :grin:)
    It would be nice if Sparkfun would promote better alternatives to this limiting board.
    You've the point!...
    we've to remember... Arduino is just the first step, the introduction for the emmbeded world. If you already domain this tool... just, make the next step.
    in my case, sometimes i make the project in arduino in first place, make it work... and... after that, i make the optimization and new version in other tool of more complexity.
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