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  • You choose! Your Sparkfun package that came in the mail, or taking me to the vet?

  • "...and this, hopefully, will protect IT from banging their heads during the Free Day meltdown!"

  • I prefer the funny stuff, but I will be the first to admit my elevator don't always go to the top...

  • George Wendt "Norm" made a living out of it. But you could argue this was fiction. But Zane Lamprey has figured out how to make a TV show out of it. If only I had thought of this earlier...

  • For creme brulee you actually need flame in order to caramalize the sugars quickly.

  • Ditto on the instruction manual, unfortunately I was drinking "something" at the time...someone owes me a keyboard and needs to clean my monitor.
    Any idea on the life expectancy of this thing? Have been wanting a heat gun for some time, but they are always more expensive than this.

  • Hmmm? My old avatar is now gone without any thought to whether I wanted it to disappear or not. Great idea...

  • 2 hours couldn't answer one question. Server monkeys need lots of work before next year!

  • After a couple of months of mulling it over I bought this station. I couldn't be happier. I have read all the reviews and yes, maybe if you have used a higher priced quality iron you can tell a difference in this unit. If you have used a cheap Radio Shack iron or the like this thing will make a world of difference in how you view soldering a project together. This truly does make the job easy and a pure joy. If I do run into any snags with this station I will detail what they are, but for now I am extremely pleased with this purchase.

  • Since the positive and negative hookups are clearly labeled on the screw terminals it is only center positive if you hook it up that way. If you reverse the hookups (i.e. ground to (+) and positive to (-)) then it would be center(-). Just in case you had a project that needed hooked up that way.