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Description: This adapter allows you to connect a barrel jack connector to bare wires. One end has screw terminals and the other has a 5.5x2.1mm, center-positive female barrel jack. If you have a power supply with a barrel jack and want to plug it into a breadboard, this might be the simple solution.

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Customer Comments

  • I love this thing! Saves me a ton of time. My only complaint: The screw terminals are marked “+” and “-” but it would be more accurate to have them labeled as Center and Ring using the classic icon used on most wall-wart transformers. Same on the male version.

    • I have been looking for this exact product for a while. Sure I could have cut apart my power adapter, but I like being able to plug it in to stuff. Besides, that would have meant dealing with stranded wire which works great the first one or two times.

      My only gripe is the + / - like you said. Labeling them center/ring would have been much more accurate. Regardless, this item is perfect for supplying power to a breadboard and I highly recommend it.

  • Does anyone know the rating of this? Mine failed and I’m curious to if I was running too much through it (24V/6A).

    • 6A sound a lot, you may get away with it if you use fan cooling for the connector :-)

  • Kind of upsetting you have no 5.5x2.5 ones. Any plans on getting some?

  • Does this require any soldering? I have a 9V battery snap that I want to connect to a barrel jack, and I don’t feel like soldering.

  • Since the positive and negative hookups are clearly labeled on the screw terminals it is only center positive if you hook it up that way. If you reverse the hookups (i.e. ground to (+) and positive to (-)) then it would be center(-). Just in case you had a project that needed hooked up that way.

  • Spelling error in the title; should be “barrel”, not “barrek”. These (and their mate) should save me heaps of time prototyping power supplies!

  • Neat! This is nicer than trying to solder wires onto a bare jack! We use this size at work and sometimes we need to wire something special up, I’m gonna get some of these!

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