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  • More a question than a comment... I'm working on a project where the OLED would be nice, but I need the headers on the backside of the board. If I ordered a large enough quantity, could you make a special run with the headers on the back?

  • Nick...how about frosting the outside of the tube with a fine grit(1000?) sandpaper. You lose the gloss appearance of the glass tube, but gain a great diffusion element. Also, I worked in the telco industry for a while. Better than using compressed air to blow a wire through is to use a vacuum to pull it. A shop vac and a good seal will pull a hell of a lot through a tube. For this I would do two stages. Pull a piece of high strength fishing line and then the wire. To counteract the slipperiness of the wire use a half hitch knot around the wire in at least three spots, taping in front (from the pulling side) of the knot. This way when you pull it the the line will cinch down on the wire and bite into the tape.It's hard to describe but it works. We have had this setup actually pull the sheathing off of a cable rather than the knots slipping free.

    Edit: if you need I can post a video on YouTube explaining the process.

  • My simple question is why only male headers? If you really want to give the customers choice I would say to include headers, leave them unsoldered and allow for the choice between male and female headers.

    It's nice to sometimes just grab a part and throw it into a breadboard, but If I am designing a project that will be used for any length of time at all I want permanent connections. Especially if it will be subjected to less than optimal conditions.

    Edit: after reading other comments and thinking more on it, I now would have to say leave unsoldered and let the customer choose from the widest possible variety of headers. Male, female, stackable, right angle, etc...

  • あなたのカンフーが弱いです。それは私の炎スタイルには一致していません!

    subtitle:"Your Kungfu is weak. It is no match for my Flame Style!!!"

  • I am Flampus!!! I punish those who write bad code over Christmas!!!

  • And they shall call me....Rupert Hood. Come my merry nerds! Let us defend the Open Sourced from the proprietary!

  • How about this? Make it so that the trapped person has to scan his/her thumbprint to get out. Combined with a photo this would be an almost perfect way to log evidence for an attempted entry, if such evidence were needed in court.

    and as for putting one in my home....I would :D

    Thanks for putting up great ideas like this and all the other learning materials and such. I am always inspired by the things I learn here.

  • The mantrap is a cool idea, but....

    In the name of safety and probably legality, you should make it so that if the person inside fails to authenticate it takes the picture and then automagically kicks them to the outside. This of course assumes a real world setup. The problem I see with the setup as is, is the case where no one gets or responds to the tweet/email/insert communication here. How does the person inside get out?

    Overall a great concept, just needs a few tweaks.

  • How about an additional step of requiring an actual user name to be entered for account creation? The generic Member#xxxxxx format is really easy for spambots isn't it?

    Maybe limit accounts to not be able to comment until they have entered a user name...one more hoop to jump through. Trivial for humans...

    Also you could enforce a user pic as well, more cumbersome, but not super hard

  • So let me see if I have this straight. If you form a team there, will it be the SWIT team?

    I can see it already,,, door busts open, multiple Sparkfun labcoat wearing agents stride in, Oscopes in hand. "drop the prototype! This is a SWIT team intervemtion!"....

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