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Here comes the Thnikkamannnn!!! :D

I am a techy, sometimes stupid and giddy 6th grader who is not in any grade because he is Homeschooled*. I often have trouble with arguments because on one hand, I want to shoot a brief comeback that will shut them up, but on the other hand I want to tell them all the ways that they’re wrong. ;)

  • Stop looking at me funny! I totally believe in evolution! And I understand binary numbers, too! (! in binary is: 00100001)


One of the many geeks in my homeschool group. And one of the winners of the first ever Product Post Giveaway!


The Made-Up Group of Smart and Awesome People That I Made Up (tMUGoSaAPTIMU(I know, we have a REALLY long acronym!(I know, it only has 1 member!(I know, that’s really pathetic!(Yes, I do have friends!)))))

Spoken Languages

English, Working on Deutsch und Italiano.

Programming Languages

AppleScript, Arduino (C++, going to try ModKit), and enough HTML to edit my Mom’s website.


The part of my brain dedicated to learning to install Ubuntu on my Lenovo S10.


How to seem like you magically know how to do everything in every program. At least to old people.


Computers, Music, Making Music, Being a boss at Violin (Suzuki method book 8 of 10), Robots, and SparkFun!