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  • Hi Nate! I really liked your tutorial/idea and i wanted to expand on it. So I did. I took an atmega328 and a few components and relays and built a system I call MVCS (Mitsubishi Vehicle Control System). My system listens for a specific Nike+ Shoe Sensor using the Nike+Ipod USB to serial converter. When it recognizes the sensor, it disarms the factory alarm, unlocks the doors, and chirps the siren twice. When the driver (not me because I am only 14) enters the vehicle, he can push a button as long as the Nike+ sensor is still in range and the car will start. The steering wheel and the shift lever unlock so that the car can be driven. No key is necessary but in case the system fails, the car's key will shut it off when inserted and the car can be started with it. While driving, the car cannot be stopped by the button unless it is in park. When the car is locked and the sensor is no longer in range, the car locks, and the factory alarm is armed. I directly tapped into the cars wiring and i am not using a spare remote like you are. My next addition to this alarm is speech so it can say things like "Back away from the car", or "Alarm system armed." but I cant because as I mentioned I am 14 and i cant really afford it. Anyway my point is that I am using your code in my system to recognize the Nike+ sensor and although when the real-time operating system on the atmega328 starts up, over the serial port a friendly thank you and credits message appears for you because i acknowledged that i am using your code, I was wondering, do I have your permission to implement your code into mine? (Yes im asking a little too lake, and yes Credit is given)? Well thank you for reading this and thank you if i get your permission to use your code.

    OH BY THE WAY HERES A VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdzGmz9S5d4