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  • Are the male pin headers any thicker than the smaller gauge wires?

    I ordered a whole slew of the thinner wires and they are very loose in my breadboards.

  • Anyone who was looking at the C40 version of this chip (COM-10227), this is the newer revision from the manufacturer. It should be noted that while the C40 version supported SPI, this chip is I2C only.

  • Are you planning on updating the Si4735 Breakout board with this new IC version?

  • I just received mine today. Is the screw bit suppose to be so loose in the socket? I can't imagine keeping this clipped in a pocket or pocket protector without worrying about losing the bit.

  • The ArduPilot website just mentions that they are working on Loiter code, and doesn't give any other info. Also, the XY and Z sensors link to diydrones links to a product they no longer carry.

  • I learned recently that if you somehow accidentally restrict the air flow into these things, they can turn into flamethrowers. YMMV.

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