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  • It looks like you have it configured for both Station and AP mode, so it has two IPs, one for each mode. If you set it to station only “AT+CWMODE=1” you will get less data to parse.

    That said, the command I use to get just the station IP is “AT+CIPSTA?”. If you need to use both Station and AP mode you can also get the AP IP address with “AT+CIPAP?”.

    On my site I have some write-ups on a prototype project I am working on, I still have more articles to publish on the subject, but this one discusses the commands I’ll be using for various tasks.

  • The home of the free and now the FreeSoC2, does it get any better than this?

  • Holy cow there it is “HELLO WORLD”, Mom’s gonna be so proud!!!

  • Pay no attention to that man behind the flag!

  • I’m Captain Tech and I’m off to save the world with amazing Sparkfun tech — FORM OF A GEEK !!!

  • Hey, is there a day honoring Beagles that can be used to have a mega sale on Beaglebone Black stuff? ;-)

  • Nate’s new “Judge dRed Bot” in action - “Hands up Goldilocks, you’ve been stealing your paycheck for far too long around here!”

  • Ahhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!!! The Red Bots are coming, the Red Bots are coming! Ahhhhhh!

  • I’ll be looking forward to round 2. I have a question for Nate, and I’m sure Pete may have a funny story to add about something that blew up along the way. Nate, I have read the story of how Sparkfun got going when you blew up a board and had a hard time finding a good place to buy a replacement online that had good pictures of products, so you purchased $2500 worth of products to sell online and Sparkfun was born. Flash forward to the last few years and it seems a lot of your continuing success is due to becoming a great small run in house electronics manufacturer.

    I am curious how you made the transition to manufacturing boards in house, did you just put some of your designs on your site and then man the soldering iron to quickly build them by hand as orders came in until you couldn’t keep up, or did you plunk down cash for external assembly of some designs you bet on to sell. What made you decide to start buying your own assembly equipment and how did you get started? Did you buy used equipment or new?

    Also, did Sparkfun just get going by iteratively growing from money you made back from the original $2500 or did you hit a crossroads where you had to bet the house to go to the next level (ie take big loans, use lots of personal savings)?

    Thanks, Barry

  • All I could find was my wife’s robe and my son’s wizard hat, but hey, I’ll wear anything for free Beer and Hotdogs!!!

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