Surprise friendos, it's a caption contest!

Sometimes the best surprises are surprises to us, too.

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UPDATE: We have a winner! Congrats to mftkoehler for their rare non-electronics related caption win:

See the invisible dentist for quick, pain-free treatment!

Your giant tactile switch is well-deserved.

End Update

We're gonna be honest; our original blog post fell through at the last minute – but our scheduling pain is your prize-winning gain! It's been a while since we've done one of these (like over a year?), but we haven't forgotten how. Have you? HERE IT IS:

alt text

It's not our fault Shawn's face is made for caption contests.

Here are the classic caption contest rules, in case you did forget:

  • Leave your funniest clean caption to the photo in the comments section below. We reserve the right to delete captions that we deem inappropriate. We’re not too stingy, but try to keep it moderately PG-13.
  • Captions submitted any other way besides in the comment section will not be accepted! That means do not use the feedback form, though you may really, really want to.
  • Captions will be accepted from the moment this post goes live until 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time on Monday, March 5.
  • A crack team of humor experts will pick the winner, we will announce it on this post next Tuesday and contact the winner directly.

Sure sure sure, but what's your incentive? Oh, just one of these GIANT TACTILE SWITCHES. Honestly, we need to give some away so we stop playing with them and do our jobs. Help us do our jobs.

NovelKeys Big Switch - Tactile

NovelKeys Big Switch - Tactile


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  • See the invisible dentist for quick, pain-free treatment!

  • dksmall / last year / 5

    After too many missed calls, Shawn decided to beef up vibrate mode on his cell phone.

  • barryjh / last year / 4

    "OMG, we're going to have a caption contest and only give away a tactile switch!!!"

  • The new "Opera Voice Enhancer Kit" is a go!

  • Crawdad / last year / 3

    Shawn volunteers for the first bluetooth ... tooth.

  • Oh, now I get it! "Hakko"!

  • Guess where Shawn dropped his soldering iron!

  • KM4HPK / last year / 3

    That face when you just electrocuted yourself with a 50 mega-ohm meter from the 70s

  • Our new Arduino controlled ventriloquist's dummy.

  • RobotRacer / last year * / 2

    Quick Nick, replace the PNP for an NPN, his face actuators are pulled high

  • Shawn cried out in grief at the loss of both of his eyes due to soldering without safety glasses. "The commentors on the website will have a field day with this one!"

  • Nick didn't see the class leader fumble his soldering iron and instictively catch it between his legs.


  • Hey Shawn, why do vegetarians write opcodes in binary instead of hexidecimal?

    1101 1010, 1011 1110 1110 1111!

  • cmkit / last year / 1

    Shawn lost it when he realized that with no eyes he could still solder better than his neighbor.

  • cmkit / last year / 1

    Even if you are in Colorado, you should still avoid letting the magic smoke out.

  • Bryan M / last year / 1

    "Aaaaaaaand this is why Nick is no longer allowed to eat at the SparkFun cafeteria on Taco Tuesday."

  • One has to wonder if this is a general comment on Nick's soldering skill... ;)

  • When in the heat of competition Shawn's bow-tie springs free Shawn is exhilarated to take his first breath ever.

  • As Shawn patiently waited the spit wad dropped from the ceiling, glanced off of Nick's pate and landed on the PCB he was assembling.

  • Hey Nick! That joke you told me on my first day???? I JUST GOT IT!!!!

  • "...and now for my breadboard impression!"

  • MrDart / last year / 1

    Ahh...I love the smell of fresh solder in the morning!

  • bdwyer / last year * / 1
    if( getJoke()){
    • bdwyer / last year * / 1

      Sorry for so much editing, wanted to get code formatted!

  • Soldering Joints

  • Roxxxxxxanne!

  • xsk8rat / last year / 1

    The crypto mining malware tended to overload Shawn's processer whenever he laughed. The effect was a cross between rigor mortis and a petite mal.

  • The first ever game of Shawn Pong is about to start and Nick doesn't care

  • "...and now for my breadboard impersonation..."

  • "Safety glasses are no laughing matter . . . all in favor say eye!"

  • Industry or chortling? … Nick knows

  • Dahio / last year / 1

    Soldering intently he was the last to notice the methane attack !

  • M / last year / 1

    Industry or chortling? ... Nick knows

  • OK, Who switched the harmful lead solder to the CBD oil solder!

  • l0gikG8 / last year / 1

    spiking lead solder fumes with nitrous oxide

  • jma89 / last year / 1

    With Shawn's work on the Laugh-inator complete, Nick has to work furiously to add a Self-Destruct button before he passes out.

  • Barry2 / last year / 1

    Theta wave experiment working well. Forgot to add an off switch.

  • "A resistor, a capacitor, and a transistor walk into a bar...I love that joke!"

  • GCF / last year / 1

    Nick prepares Shawn's new LED rapper grill as part of SparkFun's recently in-sourced dental plan.

  • Rare is the man who can pull off a belly laugh while fast asleep.

  • Guess who's got his earbuds turned up too high and NOT listening to the speaker's jokes...

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