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  • Awesome tutorial! Thanks!

  • Just a note: The GTE Knob - Small (COM-11951) does not fit this switch. Shaft is a fraction bigger. But, I sanded it down and it now fits.

  • Not the GTE Knob - Small (COM-11951). Shaft is a fraction bigger. Sanded mine down, now they fit.

  • Searching for that phrase brings up the Adafruit's sound board and I must say that this board has more features. Adafruit's board only has 2MB of storage compared to GB on this one depending on SD card. Adafruit's board only has 11 external triggers compared to 18 on this one.

  • Probably because an LED still needs voltage to turn on..

  • And yet this still hasn't been updated..

  • Current Rating? LM317 = 3A, 1N4001 = 1A, PTC = 0.5A? So, half an Amp?

  • For the same price, or maybe a little less, you can get a printer with twice the build volume. This printer incorporates old technology as well. It comes with 1 meter of filament?? You can't make anything with that! My printer came with 2 rolls of 1kg ABS..

    Sparkfun, I know this company probably gave a few printers just so you would sell it, but come on. It seems you are drifting away from what Sparkfun used to do. Sell components, not toys.

  • I think having complete kits is some what of a gamble. I think Sparkfun should have guides to building something. Like an arm, 4/6 wheeled robot, even up to a CNC frame. Sparkfun supplies most of the components to build these. Once you post online guides, you can go from there and supply a kit for the most popular one. This way, you don't risk too much. I can't believe I am telling a company this, but over the years seeing Sparkfun grow, I don't want to SF lose a dime. Sparkfun is a top contributor to the open source community and don't want to see that changed.

  • There is little ball bearings in a channel. But it doesn't move smoothly. The screw in the middle holding the halves together is metal on metal. I even put 3n1 oil on it and it still doesn't move smoothly. If you loosen the screw, it just makes the halves have play. This could have been better designed with an actual bearing, but for 7 bucks...