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  • I built this thing a while back, and just had occasion to use it. A couple of quick comments.

    The solder pads for the wires that connect to the banana jacks are very small. As such, the mechanical connection between the wires and the breadboard are weak. Make the solder pads bigger.

    Second – why is the spacing of the banana jacks non-standard? Spread them out to spec.

    Personally, I repurposed the banana jacks right into the case of the hard drive.

  • No, I will find out who has been sleeping on this dog bed. All I need is bait…and time.

  • Inspired? Bwah! Goldman’s “The Princess Bride” was inspired. Your entry was rubbish, Rubbish I say!

    J/K – I totally stole from you. The contests are great fun.

    The only real loser here is the owl with the penny in his eye – they couldn’t even spring for prosthetic presidential dollars? It’s that sort of cheapness that keeps a great company like SparkFun from achieving greatness. It’s likely the same reason they haven’t yet awarded me a nano-oscilloscope TOL-10244 ($99) for use in my high-school physics classroom for a strong second entry. And that same cheapness is keeping you Gizmoguy, from getting a refurbished version of the diagonal Cutters ($1.95) TOL-08794 in an honorable mention.

  • Noooo! How did I lose? I had “Forever Owl-lone” it was a gimme, a shoe-in.

    And I’d already cleared a place on the mantle for the nano-oscilloscope.

    Next time Hardware Panda – the day will be mine.

  • How about:

    Forever “Owl"lone

  • I gave an ungrateful mouse a cookie – and these owls have agreed to teach me how to track it down, so I can get it back.

  • Larry has been trying to harness their power, so he can realize his dream to be a superhero – Captain Night Owl

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