May Caption Contest!

It's time to squeeze in a caption contest before the end of the month - and a quick reminder about this year's AVC!

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First off, a reminder that if you want to register a vehicle to compete in the SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition, today is the final day! Head over to the AVC website to register your bot, or to sign up for your free spectator ticket. The AVC is June 21st, 2014 at the Boulder Reservoir - hope you can join us!

Since we’ve only got a little over a week left in May, it’s time for a caption contest! The rules are the same as always, but here’s a refresher:

  • Leave your funniest clean caption in the comments section below. We reserve the right to delete captions that we deem inappropriate. We’re not too stingy, but try to keep it moderately PG-13.
  • Captions submitted any other way besides in the comment section will not be accepted! That means do not use the feedback form!
  • Captions will be accepted from the moment this post goes live until Friday, May 23rd at 10 a.m. Mountain Time.
  • A crack team of humor experts will pick the winner and we will announce it next week.

Here’s your photo:

alt text

The winner receives $100 in SparkFun credit to build whatever their heart desires! Good luck!

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  • The new SparkFun Health Care Program turned out to be less desirable than we were lead to believe.

  • barryjh / last year * / 12

    I don’t understand why its so difficult; the Sparkfun document says its simple to solder a through hole header!!!

  • Hold still! Either I touch it up now, or you go back into the reflow oven.

  • Just the tip?

  • Funi / last year / 7

    For thirty-four years, I have endeavored to be more “human”; to grow beyond my original programming. Still, I am unable to grasp such a basic concept as humor… This emotion chip may be the only answer. -Data, Star Trek Generations

  • Geppetto, I take it back! I don’t want to be a real boy!

  • Echo / last year / 6

    Fine-tuning the emotion chips in positronic brains is always touch and go.

  • Levi / last year / 5

    Sparkfun’s idea of trust-building team exercises.

  • Sparkfun is taking embedded electronics to a whole new level.

  • I hate redshirt Wednesdays!

  • The only thing better than a third hand is a second head.

  • “The ear bone’s connected to the… microphone. The microphone’s connected to the… bluetooth. The bluetooth’s connected to the… internet feed. Now, why would doctors need 8 years of training to do this again?

  • One more header and your brain will be Arduino shield compatible.

  • Don’t worry, I just finished soldering a “Simon Says” kit, I’m a professional.

  • And you thought the Google new employee quiz was tough..!

  • Good idea: plating through-holes on PCBs made at home. Bad idea: plating a piercing.

  • When done quickly enough you can tin a human without additional tools, but a third hand is recommended for beginners.

  • the sparkfun employee firmware upgrade was proceeding smoothly

  • Hair Club for Engineers

  • It could be worse, Nick wanted to drill mounting holes.

  • I said I wanted to do a “product showcase” video with Robert. I didn’t mean I wanted to be a new product!

  • Dammit Jim, I’m an engineer, not a doctor.

  • “You know, I bet if we pose like this, we will be in the photo for the caption contest this month…”

  • Coming this Fall, from the makers of Surgeon Simulator 2013, comes the exciting Solder Simulator 2014!

  • Oops, looks like i got a solder blob on the facial expression circuit.

  • It took some doing, but we finally got Bob back to normal.

  • At Sparkfun we aren;t really happy until we can attach an IC to something

  • Alright,alright!! You can have my lunch money!

  • …and this is how Sparkfun developed their very own hearing aid!

  • Sparkfun’s version of ASIMO is so much more realistic.

  • Are you sure this is how Google’s Glass technical support does it?

  • Interrogating a developer who refused to make his design open source

  • Hold still or you’ll let the magic smoke out!

  • The guy in the back left seems oddly cool with obvious workplace intimidation.

  • This was one heck of a green wire fix.

  • Alan Thicke has nothing on this version of Chip

  • Wait!! Help!! NO STOP!!! I AM NOT DATA…… And you are NOT Geordi!!!!

  • Meanwhile, at the Six Million Dollar Man fan club…

  • Hacking hearing aids 101

  • Friends, hackers, lend me your ears!

  • SparkFun: When wearables go bad

  • The only time it’s ok for soldering to smell like burning hair.

  • Drewgoo / last year * / 2

    “Trust me, dude - that Instructables tutorial on DIY brain surgery was totally legit!”

  • Can you hear me now?

  • “Add a pull-up resistor” she said… “It’s never gonna work” she said… $%^&*

  • You will never lose your eyeglasses again. drmrs 5/29/2014

  • One more solder point and you’ll finally be able to access the internet with you’re new Wi-Fi implant.

  • Hold on. I’ve just about got it.

  • I originally went to college to be a doctor, you can see that that didn’t work out.

  • The only way to get rid of an earworm at Sparkfun.

  • … and making him shriek like a girl? Priceless!

  • Path to be initiated into the cult of Sparkfun, step 3: Solder tattoo…

  • Another example of a Solder Sucker

  • “… you went through how many prototypes for your last build??”

  • h22 / last year / 1

    After the amazing success of the NERFCS, Sparkfun is embarking on a bold new project to provide unprecedented customer tech support, right to your front door! Once we finish modifying out crack team of engineers with the latest tech, we will begin test flights.

  • h22 / last year / 1


    You’re doing it wrong…….

  • we have the technology we can rebuild him

  • No pain, No gain…. SparkFun motto

  • Trust me, I can fix the frame of your glasses

  • Finally pushing your glasses back up your nose will be a thing of the past!

  • After a routine core dump to spot memory damage from a cosmic ray event, it was discovered that one of the surface mount resistors was tombstoning.

  • We have additional engineers if anyone needs a “stable” platform to solder on.

  • Nz / last year / 1

    Implant the Sparkfun logo and he’s done!

  • SparkFun employees developing “Soldering on the head” lessons. It is more expressive then “Hit on the head” lessons.

    But I came here for an arguement!?!?

  • It is time for another. Sucessfull procedure. - medic, team fortress. Two.

  • “Hey wait this Android is a real live boy?!!”

  • If the first thing you saw in this picture was a giant Hershey’s kiss in the background you are probably addicted to chocolate.

  • Before there was Data, there was…

    **only a real treky would know.

  • Too much synergy thanks to our new Synergizer … Now the engineer needs to be ‘fixed’.

  • In some states this procedure is still illegal and widely considered pornographic…solder me!

  • The new wearable tattoo electronics demanded some sacrifice.

  • Sparkfun chose employee branding over cumbersome non compete forms.

  • So much for the bypassing the uncanny valley if I can’t get this facial expression module working.

  • I am not sure, but we might have misunderstood the term wearable electronics

  • It’s time to fix every thing odd.

  • Ok, if you are not going to put your safety glasses on while soldering, I will solder your safety glasses on. Or, These are not Google glass please do not solder them to my brain stem!

  • slip / last year / 1

    I’ve almost finished blue wiring the estrogen module in, Pat. Next - the sex change hack!

  • Well, there was that fella last week, but I’ve had much less to drink today!

  • Hold still Checkov while I remove this mechanical Ceti eel larvae from your ear!

  • …… Step 5: Next solder a head. ……

    YeeOwwwww!…… this is what can happen children!!!!…… if noone proof reads the documentation!

    Remember kiddies…..ALWAYS proof read your documentation.

  • Finally- the positronic brain will be completed! A sentient android!

  • Maybe I should have taken his glasses off first to fix them…

  • Captain America: The Solder Soldier

  • …this is going to be EXTREMELY PAINFUL, Mr. Verrill…

  • The Sparkfun DIY Stephen King robot nears completion…

  • Drok / last year / 1

    If I add a resistor here, he should stop screaming…

  • Warantee………..VOIDED!

  • The new sparkfun board holder for soldering, it has a lot of new things that make it worth the money: it will (definitely) tell you if you put too much on the board, it will tell you if your soldering iron is too hot, and i load of other things.

  • Safety glasses make trans-orbital frontal lobotomies impossible, so here at SFE we perform the more painful trans-aural lateral lobotomies on all our new interns.

  • Introducing Spakfun’s new make your own zombie kit !

  • There is a label here directly behind your ear: DO NOT OPEN HOUSING; NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. However, if you can’t open it you don’t own it. I am going in.

  • “Fredo! I need a brain-enhancing microchip!”

    (reference to

  • Hold still, I’ll smoke that earwig right out

  • Please note, there may be some temporary discomfort during the procedure

  • Those solder joints must be what’s making you so stupid, let me touch them up……

  • That was the year that Larry stopped getting Christmas cards from Joe.

  • Want to measure brainwaves, but don’t want to pay for the electrodes? Tune in to SparkFun Live for a lesson on how save money and attach a wire directly to your friend’s skin.

  • Ouch! MAY ear!

  • DAD! I told you to try to fix the sound card header, not solder them on my head!

  • Steve complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1. Steve may not cause harmful interference, and 2. Steve must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

  • oops, did you say you had 5v or 3v brain?

  • MrCS / last year / 1

    The professional jewelers at Pearl Street Mall will repair your earrings in 3 minutes or your money back.

  • Reversing the effects of New Product Friday: Acid

  • fix my head ‘til I’m dead

  • Don’t you ever touch my capacitors again!

  • Dr Noonian Soong’s ancestor first attempt at a positronic brain, and it appears to be heading for an epic fail…

  • Denver lice are tough!

  • When I bought it, I was told installation was quick and simple.

  • “I sure hope when I’m done with this project, I can find a red box big enough to ship it in..”

  • Nobody on staff looked forward to wearables Wednesday.

  • No, I am not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

  • Welcome to the Westworld repair facilities. Your android will be ready momentarily. We promise he’ll look happy again.

  • How to fix a defective Sparkfun Employee

  • Hey….from this angle, I can see you have a SD sniffer inserted into your camera! Are we broadcasting live on Hack A Day right now?

  • Let me help you forget last night.

  • Two esteemed scientists attempt to reverse engineer little Susie’s pierced ears. v2.3.2315

  • Earing soldering 101

  • “Let me remove that short for you”

  • New body modification technique proves much safer than the old wave-solder tattoo craze.

  • now… i want to hear no more complaints about losing your glasses, or i will weld them on!!

  • tpw / last year / 1

    Despite advice from friends, Jay decided to try his hand at home-made implantable hearing aid technology.

  • We won’t stop until we perfect the Bone Conduction Transducer for our through-hole Sparkfun Glass kit.

  • Biomedical has really gone open sourced recently…

  • Don’t mind us, RAM upgrade.

  • Stop! You should not put anything in your ear that is smaller than your elbow!

  • I didn’t realize Sparkfun’s Google Glass program was so … painful.

  • “You’re sure you don’t want to take your glasses off first?” “Nah, it’ll be fiiiiaaaaaaaaaargh!”

  • Ofcourse I know what I’m doing, I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express…

  • One little solder-jumper will change your whole facial expression!

  • Here at sparkfun, we developed a robotic labour force to simulate a human in every way. We were too successful. This one asked for a raise.

  • We are glad to announce our rival to Google Glass. Here is a preview of its installation.

  • The CIRCUIT BOARD you fool !!! I said “ … some solder left outta here!”, not “Come solder Left Outer ear!”

  • I didn’t know male headers scream when you try to solder them!

  • After 3 DUI arrests, The Colorado DMV will be disabling Josh himself instead of his vehicle when he is drunk or stoned.

  • Fixing “stupid”, one person at a time.

  • Getting “a head” in my solder techniques!

  • I said gray with a yellow face. Not yellow with gray face.

  • Day one for interns brand company logo behind ear.

  • New sparkfun product bionic lice!

  • Unexpected hardware update.

  • Eprop / last year * / 1

    So where did you go to school to learn how to do this?

    School? I didnt go to school i just watched a youtube video just a second ago and figured it cant be that hard.

  • Don’t panic…we’re ISO 9001 certified, and we routinely conduct internal audits of our mastoid processes.

  • Are you sure this will makes the solder ROHS compliant?

  • installing the brand new Emotion Chip (*)

    • unwanted side effect may apply. We Will Not Be Responsible for Any Damages or Losses
  • The instructors hot tip went to the student with his eyes open and ears wired to receive.

  • Support our kickstarter “Microtooth” – An arduino dental crown module. Discover what you can do, while you chew.

  • I have this last resistor to solder and he will be back online in no-time!

  • Dude, I think you forgot the pullup resistor.

  • Chip is getting his final modifications for the sequel to Not Quite Human.

  • “Look! It’s moving. It’s sha — it’s… it’s alive. It’s alive… It’s alive, it’s moving, it’s alive! It’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive! It’s ALIVE! Oh, in the name of God! Now I know what it feels like to BE God!” (from Frankenstein)

  • While I’m at it, do you want bluetooth?

  • Here, let me make you a pair of nice custom earrings…. this won’t hurt a bit!

  • t27 / last year / 1

    Brain-dead-bug-rewiring :D

  • After watching “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”, the Engineers at Sparkfun decided to start their own deathlok program. However initial results were not promising.

  • See it’s just like getting a tattoo. Just a few hundred more spots and you’ll definitely pass as a Trill at the next comic-con.

  • Never, ever fall asleep at your desk around here. It’s not the boss you need to worry about.

  • I know it hurts more than normal but I broke my sonic screwdriver fixing the elevator.

  • The health and safety officer commented that the workbenches should be higher. He was concerned about the number of reported back problems.

  • This would be much easier with the flame thrower but I was out of napalm.

  • Don’t worry, I’m using lead free solder.

  • Why can I smell bacon?

  • Yes, I know it stings a bit but I guarantee that a cauterized ear piercing won’t get infected and won’t grow over.

  • This is not what I had in mind for a “brain trust”

  • Getting the bugs out 0b1100101

  • The intern. Robert. Dave. Nick. Pete. The Hound. All men must solder.

  • I don’t see what the big deal is, I’m just a guy in the background, wearing a yellow shirt.

  • Our skills are never restricted to what we are good at, but everywhere which needs us :)

  • Adding Zener to keep him working for long hours :P

  • Demonstration of a T-1000 field repairing another

  • I’m going to prove ear wax is an environmentally friendly alternative to flux if you’ll just hold still !

  • You might want to spend a little bit extra on that next tattoo, there are good places to go and there are…. well….

  • Oh your glasses broke? Let me fix that for you!

  • This would have gone quicker if you hadn’t demanded I use lead-free solder!

  • Compatible? No you idiot, that’s what the solder’s for!

  • Dude, it’s Friday night and neither of us has a date. It’s either this or or wrap your head in bubble wrap and hit it with a stick.

  • You can’t trust the new guy - I told him not to activate this robot before I got the ear attached!

  • Can you hear me now?…Can you hear me now?…Can you hear me now?


  • “Resistance is futile. You will be assimulated”

  • Frozen in agony after mistakenly reading free shipping was canceled, the SparkFun SuperFan was sent back to to the factory to get refurbished.

  • Dx - ear wax buildup, Rx: Ear wax removed by lost wax method

  • sem / last year / 1

    We can rebuild him. We have the technology.

  • how to get a geeky tattoo.


  • Hold still, this new optical augmentation module will change the way you see… or don’t see.

  • Our next tutorial: A DIY to soldering up you’re own ear piercings.

  • Kash / last year / 1

    These robots don’t come cheap you know

  • In these situations, it’s essential to use soldering flux to ensure a clean joint and maximum heat transfer.

  • Obamacare - Phase 2. Privatizing - Sparkfun employees take a stab at Neurology.

  • Welcome to a brand new Friday product post. Today we will demonstrate the new state of the art Sparkfun DIY Operation kit. One human, a little solder equals tons of fun. Check it out.

  • Are you sure this is going to keep my glasses from falling off?!

  • The NEXT generation of ARDuino… say hello to TARDuino !!!

  • N314 / last year / 1

    “Now can someone please tell me what is wrong with this picture?” (Pause) “Ummm… He’s not using flux.”

  • Our autonomous vehicle may not be ready for the June 21st competition

  • Man. Dr. Frankenstein had it so rough with all that pre-historic lab equipment. Glad Sparkfun was invented since then. Now if only that high-voltage shock-box kit I ordered would just get here…

  • “Wait a second, I can see your hair is not in good connection. Relax. I’ve joined SparkFun for 20 years and I’m good in soldering.”

  • Data, Data, Data… First of all, it is not considered an automated robot when its robot controller is considered sentient. Secondly, I TOLD you what would happen if you tried to race that Sparkfun crew from Bouldarius 6 in that Intersolar AVC competition. Maybe this pressure chip will help…

  • …must remember to heat the ear first, then apply the solder…

  • Oh my… I think I’ve found a cold joint.

  • I knew it was a bad idea to buy a GM robot!

  • Uhoh, I think I shorted a connection on that last solder point!

  • jhjh / last year / 1

    Barry really should have opted for the solder-less hair extensions

  • I may need to switch to a bigger tip, your head is too much of a heat-sink.

  • Looks like we have a bad solder joint. We said $75 for shipping but got $60.

  • CALM DOWN!!! A bit of high voltage on the reset pin never hurt anyone!!….

  • Well That! wasn’t the reset pin…. I’ll try this pin..

  • All we need now is a bit of lightning and a hunchback sidekick.

  • A small bead of solder should seal the gap where we installed the redboard.

  • Sparkfun’s deep penetrating follicle solder is the only permanent cure for premature hair loss. Easy and nearly painless to apply. Side effects may include headaches while operating a microwave oven, and hallucinations if hair is combed in low humidity conditions. Consult a physician if hair ignites while receiving a TSA x-ray scan.

  • dave / last year / 1

    Ah $%@… another lifted pad on the motor cortex!

  • REAL hackers solder wearables while wearing them

  • OW! This is not how you hack an implanted RFID

  • GG / last year / 1

    Right idea. Wrong tool. Should be using a Nut Driver

  • SparkFun Employee’s must be the brightest and most productive in order to survive their harsh working environment.Their solution, turn all employees into ANDROIDS by adding Quad Core Intel Chips directly on to their brains and hope for the best they don’t take over with their superior minds

  • “Stephen King gets a new plot idea installed.”

  • There must be a better way to get rid of these head lice!

  • If Jesus healed an ear, I think I can at least solder one back on.

  • I told this engineer not to go near that blond leggy woman. She said hi to him and now I will have to fix this neural network overload.

  • Ok, I will just complete the installation of the new SparkFun “you will become irresistible to women” module. Hum, is it the blue wire or the red wire, well, given your track record, we shall soon know!

  • Idiots guide to fixing your annoying intern.

  • Robert: Hi and welcome to Sparkfun Electronics. Today we will show you how we brand our employees for corporate recognition. Our hairstyle management and branding practices are second to none. This makes us leaders and innovators of our field.

  • Aaaaaaaaand now you’ll never loose your glasses!

  • Hold still, I’ve almost got the neural-net processor integrated.

  • Hold still otherwise I will have to solder your a$$.

  • How to make a human in 1010 easy steps

  • This is not what I had in mind when you told me to come play Operation

  • ELECTRONICS: It’s not brain surgery!

  • When used correctly, RoHS solder presents less of a health hazard than leaded solder.

    This is not the correct use of RoHS solder.

  • The goggles, they do nothing!

  • “Okay! I believe you when you say lead-free solder requires higher temperatures!”

  • Sparkfun’s biohacker-in-residence at work.

  • Our entry for the AVC will be using bipedal locomotion, if our proof of concept checks out.

  • Can you hear me now?

  • Biiiiiipppp, you lose !!!

  • ‘That feels resinous and tastes bright.’ ‘Patience, I told you, just a couple more.’ ‘Furbelwect!’ ‘Oops.’

  • Assembling the first open-source human

  • You lied!!!! You told me I could hear the ocean in this box!!

  • Can you do me a favor and listen to this box for a minute?

  • We’ve really got rethink this corporate branding, things are getting out of hand…

  • Ahh! What are you doing!?

    What!? I though you said you wanted your ears pierced!

  • No flux? Good luck.

  • Putting the blue smoke back inside the package.

  • This will only hurt a lot.

  • Hold still we’re just upgrading you from an Arduino to a Rasberry Pi. Aftwards we will be able to reprogram you simply by changing an SD card, instead of using that clunky ICSP programmer.

  • Hold very still, these SMDs are tricky to solder freehand!

  • Leif / last year / 1

    quoated text The reworking will continue until morale(crossed out) performance improves


  • Is this thing on?

  • These new sound cards sure are squishy!

  • Here at Sparkfun, we try to reuse and recycle everything! This large item from our parts bin will be used to upgrade a 4 head VCR player into a world’s-first FIVE head VCR! Behold the brilliance….

  • Could you hand me my sponge please?

  • Solder boarding

  • I know we promote DIY but lets leave colonoscopies to the professionals!

  • Sure…it stings for a second, but if you’re going to pierce your ear, pierce it like a man.

  • … but… you said I’d become a ‘Real Boy’

  • Sparkfun staffers prepare to offer their most advanced soldering class to date.

  • D_C / last year / 1

    Every now and then his brain gets fried and I just have to resolder these joints.

  • D_C / last year / 1

    A little more solder and I will have my own “human"oid robot!

  • Note to cyborg user: DO NOT attempt solder rework on an active cerebral core!

  • this is worse than the Heretic’s Fork.

  • Not the red wire! That will disconnect the speech fern gerbil logic texas. Nickle three paper hat smurf painter!

  • Hold Still, you wouldn’t want this to go on crooked

  • Despite years of practice, Tom just simply couldn’t build a life-like robot.

  • USASEF United Solderers Against Sparkfun Employee Frying

  • “Wait, we forgot the flux!”

  • Jeff explores re-tinning as a cure for tinnitus.

  • PRO TIP: The new brain stimulation kit should be assembled BEFORE wearing.

  • THIS IS SPARKFUN!!!!!!!!!

  • And this is why a steady hand is NECESSARY!!!

  • If only Van Gogh knew you could reattach ears using a soldering iron, but then again modern medicine has advanced such a long way.

  • Yes, the solder is lead-free. Why do you ask?

  • Sparkfun employees are dedicated to helping the customer any way they can.

  • Maker level: DIY cartilage piercing.

  • Don’t worry, I learned how to solder back in the sixities. The rule was: the bigger the blob the better the job.

  • “Is it safe?”

  • Sparkfun employees are just built different.

  • Busa / last year / 1

    The first trial of the Arduino Ow took place this year at the Maker Fair. Reports are mixed.

  • I know, I know… next time, we’ll order the kit pre-assembled….

  • The next generation of wearable devices are fully embedded

  • After a simple modification, he will never forget his safety glasses again!

  • “Hold still, I’m installing a JTAG header to do some debugging”

  • Working some kinks out of the Sparkfun bio-upgrade kit.

  • Don’t get caught without your Sparkfun Third Hand.

  • “You want augmented reality? I’ll show you augmented reality.”

  • Hold still and quit moaning….I have to make this connection or the video from the glasses can’t get to the Raspi implant…..

  • Sparkfun: Your next desination for Biomedical Research

  • In this weeks SparkFun live we Learn how to build your own cochlear implant! you can Get the Build list hear……

  • SparkBot: Surprisingly lifelike!

  • This new permanent Bluetooth ear bud is gonna be Sweet !!!

  • The mouth/eye control wire came loose.

  • How to install the new Brain-Computer Interface breakout board (BCIY2K).*

    *BCIY2K is designed for 5V brains. Please use level converter BOB-12009 for brains using 3.3 V signals or below.

  • Mr. Roboto: Domo Arigato

  • Why didn’t I read the agreement for Google Glass?

  • Gauging his ears with the 0.020" special blend

  • CDTV / last year / 1

    It’s just a little tattoo, ya big baby!

  • Hacking Google Glass is NOT brain surgery!

  • Whatever you do, don’t make fun of his bad solder joints- he’ll give you an earful right back.

  • Should your humanoid persist with obscure facial expressions, you can bridge jumper 1, located behind the left ear, to restore it to factory settings. Don’t forget to back up its memories, as all data will be lost.

  • Just a little bit of solder and you should be as good as new..

  • The lawsuits from Fluke (yellow & black meter case), Microsoft (max Power Point chargers) and the ASPCA (dogs confined in an industrial setting) not being enough to keep them employed, the Sparkfun Legal Staff stages a totally contrived photoshoot after which they post the pictures in junior high shop classrooms.

  • Debugging 0b1100101 (101)

  • SparkFun expands the factory tour to include a soldering demo.

  • The Maker Faire Infirmary.

  • When Soldering Competitions get out of control…

  • Now where did that white smoke come from?

  • hbp / last year / 1

    Google engineers begin prototyping google glass implants.

  • Klaatu barada nikto

  • When I said I was “wired”, this wasn’t QUITE what I had in mind…

  • Soldering the back to an earing to make sure it doesn’t fall off is an effective, but extreme measure.

  • The TSA finally found a more invasive method of screening travelers: in ear monitoring.

  • Heeet Mon!! We need more heeeet mon!!

  • New SparkFun service: On site eyeglass repair!

  • New Product Friday: Human

  • New Product: Cerebral overclock kit…Some soldering required.

  • Who said you can’t teach an old Tech new tricks?

  • Hold still, it will only hurt for a few weeks…

  • “Trust me, I had it done, and haven’t lost my glasses once since then!” “Well, if you’re surrREAAAhhhhhh….”

  • Sparkfun tried to emulate Googles successful employee retention strategy by offering certain perks, such as free on-site haircuts, but they just never seemed to catch on with the staff.

  • … Why did they use have to use 0402 and not 0603? Always have the hardest time with these suckers…

  • While the PCB layout was immaculate, Harry’s robo-husband still left something to be desired.

  • Next time, take the implant off before you get in the shower.

  • The only option for many of us born with tin ear syndrome

  • Please hold still, you might feel a little pinch…

  • The project will be easy they said…

    Solder: $10 Soldering iron: $50 Electricity: $0.10

    ‘Accidentally’ getting 360 degree solder on your skin: priceless.

  • We can rebuild him. We have the technology….

  • CDTV / last year / 1

    C’mon, it’s Saturday night and we don’t have dates – what else would we do?

  • How many technicians does it take to change a light bulb? Some questions are better left alone.

  • Our future robot overlords were clever. They sent back several advanced Androids, creating a larger interest in STEM to ensure their survival. Too bad manager robots forced them send out early beta test units!

  • Don’t be such a baby. If you’d stop picking at your ear we wouldn’t have this problem.

  • Why pounding code is a better career option at Sparkfun.

  • “Stop your crying: ‘tis but a scratch!*”


  • A steady hand, and a cold heart. Professionals tackle the tough problems.

  • Bob the Tech: “Don’t worry Dan, I’m only going to stick it in a little way…” [OK, I give up for the day]

  • “Third Hand..TOL-09317..$9.95…IN STOCK DAMMIT…IN STOCK! ”

  • Working here is fun, once you wrap your head around the basics.

  • Hold still - this won’t hurt a bit. You might feel a little sting…

  • Early male pattern baldness? We got you covered.

  • Dr. Frankenstein. The original Lifehacker.

  • After the first couple you hardly notice the student’s screaming

  • No, no, that’s the vision section. I said I wanted a deeper voice.

  • The OSHA Inspector enjoys his annual visits to Sparkfun.

  • Another silly idea from that Nick Poole?

  • Bob the Tech can be seen here repairing a bad short in one of the new “SparkBorg Wearables” implants…ZZAAPPP !!

  • All Sparkfun projects are fun, this one is a little hair raising!

  • SparkBorg Personal Electronics: Resistence Is Futile !!

  • One more solder joint and he’ll look just like Arnold…

  • That’s the “Disable Insanity” header bridged…

  • Warning: The new “Burning Man Wearables” neural-net memory augmentation chips require a skilled technician for proper installation !

  • I hope that’s lead free solder, you wouldn’t want him to get lead poisoning now would you :)

  • Who knew that the personal sacrifice involved with the new “wearable electronics” trend would be so extreme?

  • Ogre / last year / 1

    I guess I’ve finally discovered the soldering points for “Full-Excite Mode” on humans

  • The new resident piercing specialist could only work with the tools to hand.

  • Bob the Tech Manager is seen here installing the new “Burning Man Wearables” Arduino board into Dan the QA Tech…

  • Suddenly the realization strikes, sitting there right in front of him is their sole spool of lead free solder.

  • I don’t know how you keep attaching yourself to tables but this is the last time I help get you unstuck.

  • I knew I should have gone to Adafruit to have my ears pierced!

  • Bob the Tech: Call me a “near-sighted old fool” will you ??!!

  • Told you not to play with the new Sparkfun Borg implants.

  • Sparkinator Robot: Soldering skills required for assembly…[OK, I know this is lame !]

  • He really should have disconnected the power before he started overclocking

  • MIT Tech Review: Embedded microcontrollers now finding their way into new “Personal Applications”…Ouch !

  • I don’t understand what’s wrong…this totally worked on Star Trek…maybe a little more solder here…

  • Warning: Installation of the new Google Glass clone, “SparkGlass”, requires a certified SparkFun technician [Don’t do this at home !]…

  • once you hack the cochlear implant, the memory is easily accessed and modified…

  • Spock Hurry up it hurts! Mr Chekov please keep your emotions on hold while I wick this Ceti eel out of your ear with the flux!!!

  • Levi / last year / 1

    We recommend you take the hearing-aid OUT of the ear before attempting repairs.

  • “Hold your thermally-massive head still! This would’ve gone a lot faster if you’d have let me preheat…”

  • Once I’m done tinning, you’ll never have to worry about a hair out of place again….

  • Hold still. Now, you might feel a little pressure.

  • The SparkFun approach to hearing aid repair…Argh !

  • Just hold still, we’ll have that pesky earwax out in a jiffy.

  • I spelled it wrong, we are going to have to do it again from the beginning…

  • Join us for the Engineering Self-Defense workshop after AVC!

  • Much to Bill’s surprise and displeasure, John discovered that ear wax could be used in place of desoldering braid.

  • Before there was Commander Data there was…Private Bits the Sparkfun automaton!

  • Skynet preset his switch to “read-only” when sent out alone, but you can set him to “learn” so he’s not such a dork all the time.

  • Repairing my Androids optics..nothing to see here.

  • UGH! This QFN pinna chip is mother to solder. Should have gotten the SOIC package. Maybe SparkFun has a dev board…

  • The latest Geek fad: Solder jewelry.

  • To learn to solder, you must become one with the solder.