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  • I think besides the friction, comes the advantage of less noise, couldnt test it yet since it out of stock. (p.s. : I know that I am 3 years late =P).

  • big boss buzzers business by dogs

  • Thats the Gear Ratio

  • sorry for the late responce ,was busy studying ^^;

    Windows7 - 64 bit ,Processing 2.0b3

    (thats the version I used when I did this project,however, I think any newer (or maybe even older) would work .For the Operating system , I will try to make it work on Ubuntu if I would have the time ^^; .

  • if any there is any need for snapshots demonstration , just comment ;).

  • Alright , hypermedia problem IS NOW HISTORY

    For those who have similar problem , all what you have to do is to put openCV library NOT in processing(the Program) library folder , BUT IN your library folder that is located inside your sketchBook folder.

    you see, when you choose from prefrences your sketchBook location and restarted processing after that , processing will create three folder inside your sketchBook new location : library , modes and tools . So you gonna insert the opencv folder containing the library , examples and everything in there.

    This for the Hypermedia trouble.

    after that, a new error has encountered me “can’t parse error text ,unexpected bracket……….. (as i remember)” however,this problem is simple to solve , it’s just about the name of your sketchBook location if it does contain any character that processing didnt like (mine was “Arduino[Processing” so I had to change it to “ArduinoProcessing” ) so try to avoid using special characters in your FOLDERS names (the parent directories to your skecthBook.

  • A Friend of Mine has told me that it maybe has to do with DLL (Dynamic-link library) for processing when you work in windows , in addition , he saied that I might not face such a problem if I worked in Ubuntu.

    so I wish if someone will try this for me since I’m busy studying these days.

  • yeah, I am working on it ^^;

    ( I’m putting in my that the reason behind this could be the version of Processing, since all the posts that has the same problem are after almost the same amount of time of posting this project).

  • Seems like sparkfun people are not about to help us about this trouble some thingy

    maaaan ,cant blame them since this tutorial is getting older and older by time and they shall be busy .. BUT STILL HELP PLZZZZZZZ!! =)

  • An Awesome Very Detailed instruction! Thank you and keep doing The BEST!