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  • yeah yeah, i know, but meant actually using jumper headers: For example, this one is a really nice designed one with both a jumper selector to 5V and 3.3V AND disabling the power to the device.

  • I really don't understand why sparkfun does not put a decent voltage selector like jumpers or a small switch on their serial breakouts. :(

  • No worries! It all started as a very crude hack to get some large ABS print on my Lulzbot Taz, after sharing it and got more and more requests now it's a 4000 lines of code madness..

  • Some stuff that you can do with the plugin: * Control WS8212B Strips * Add temperature sensors on your enclosure or near your printer * Add active heaters on your enclosure and keep the temperature nice and high for large ABS * Control Humidity on your filament storage * PWM controlled outputs * PWM controlled outputs based on temperature sensor * Active cooling for good PLA printing * Schedule GPIO's to turn on and off with a fixed period of time during printing. * Mechanical buttons to pause and resume printer jobs * Mechanical buttons to send GCODE to the printer * Mechanical buttons to control raspberry pi GPIO * Mechanical buttons to execute shell scripts * Multiple filament sensors for dual or more extruders * Alarm when enclosure temperature reaches some sort of value * Notifications using IFTTT when events happen (temperature trigger / print events / etc) * Add sub- menus on navbar to quick access outputs and temperature sensors

  • Nice, I'm the author of the enclosure plugin for octoprint, you might give it a try.

    With if you can not only control simple led strips, but heaters / coolers / fans / filament sensors, you can control everything using special g-codes, buttons on the octoprint UI, you can even add physical buttons to control raspberry pi outputs, or set buttons to send g-codes or even run shell scripts on the pi.

    I have few buttons to automate some stuff, for example, change filament purging the old one, pause print / continue / etc...

    Check it out more about the plugin here:

  • Any plans for different colors?

  • did you find a eagle part?

  • Hello!

    Are you still working on a new firmware for this board?

    Vitor Henrique

  • where is the new model? Can not find it..

  • Few ideas for improvement. Teensy 3.1 has 3 HARDWARE serial ports, why would anyone choose to use a software serial? The selection should be between hardware serial ports. Teensy internal voltage regulator can not handle any "pro" line of the xbees. You huys need to include a new voltage regulator. Break out the botton pins on teensy.

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