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  • Why is the Intel Edison stuck on the New Products section of the front page? it’s been there for a month now, and it is not a “new product” anymore….

  • Despite I laughed a lot of Robert’s answer, this is one way to do it!

  • So the answer is yes, tested myself with a 3.3V logic and with a 5v logic, measured the velocity of the wheels, and they are the same.

  • That is why I’m and I’ll continue to be a SF costumer, i know you guys sell stuff with quality tested and everything. Every Friday i’m here to see new products, reading posts. Buying things…. The thing is If i want one board to test something or play around I’ll just buy it ready, but If i need more than that I do it myself. And come on, this board (specifically) is fairly simple to design/ route. This board has almost 90% of margin. I doubt that in one board with this amount of complexity you lose one board every 3 produced. And that you guys needed more than 2 prototypes to design it. I think SF uses the same margin for every product, and i don’t think that is reasonable, but that is my opinion. Butttt, I'l continue to be here, buying stuff when i need, seeing the awesome projects that you guys do, looking schematics that helped me before when i wanna do my own boards. :)

  • Yeah… this IC is not cheap, from digikey is 88.66 if you get one unit, of course SF does not buy one, buying 50 would cost 67.53 for the IC only. With the breakout board if i order from would cost me 4 bucks for 3. I love SF, and I always buy stuff here (i’m not kidding, I spent almost 1.3K here with my purchases combined) , but sometimes is a shame these values.

  • For learning purposes personally I don’t think the size of the eMMC will matter. And if you need more space, you can always use an micro sd. It is getting “easier” to use the BBB now that they are switching to a debian dristro, most of tutorials that you find online for the raspberry pi will work on the BBB with very few modifications if you change the default Angstrom distro that ships by default on the Rev B to the new Debian distro.

  • which capacitor should i use with the UCC383T? could not find anything on the datasheet.

  • Well, this boards is planned to start shipping on 5-5-2014 (from the manufacture to vendors, according to the BBB Wiki). If the manufacturing is going accord to plan, I guess 2 or 3 weeks after that is a reasonable estimate.

  • Do you got any answer on this?

  • If the cape is compatible with the BBB it will be compatible with this version, there are no changes on the pin out and anything else on the board. Just the size of the on board flash memory. Note that they are planing to switch the default Angstrom distro to a Debian (finally) i don’t know if this new revision will ship with it flashed from factory.

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