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  • To prolong the battery life. It is discussed above in the comments, check it.

  • The current will be very small. You can find exact number in datasheet, page 3.

  • You can get them from the Eagle file attached.

  • .22 means 0.22OHM or 220mOhm.

  • I’m pretty sure this is 5050

  • There are 27ohm resistors on feedback pins on this board. They regulate current output on 22mA on R/G/B channels. If you are using 5050 LED and 5V supply, you can void resistors on output pins.

  • After fabricating 200pcs of PCBs I have learnt that it needs. :( 22pF works perfect.

  • I want to run these at 12V with 3 LEDs connected to a single chip. I need 5V zener diode + filter cap as datasheet says to make chip work on 12v. What about R/G/B feedback pins: are resistors on them a must? If no resistors, current is not limited and I should be careful not to exceed max. output current? Should I connect them to ground or leave them float? Also, the LEDs. Can I connect them in series although datasheet says max. output is 7V? Will brightness be lower? I have seen some strips with three LEDs in series including current limiting resistors on them connected to a ws2801. How that works?!? Thanks :)

  • Could I DIY this with Arduino Duemilanove(FTDI chip)?

  • Does this crystal need external caps or I just need to connect ground pins to ground at PCB layout?

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