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  • You use a couple (a Dozen) of heater pads and out them into a co-workers chair or a seat in the lunch room or the toilet seat (not quite sure how that would be done) and when someone sits on the chair it slowly heats up till it be ones too hot to sit on, you would have to be careful of fire danger. Could be reapplied to anything that's picked up or used regularly, anyone got a stuffed toy in the office?

  • I may have misread caption with column....... have fun reading

    COLUMN: After sparkfun was founded in 2003 the owls around Boulder Colorado developed a perticular liking to red objects, this caused issues for jake in inventory who seemed to always be finding stock missing, at first he wrote it off under the "Petes popular peculiar projects". But when Pete accidentally tethered himself to his computer for a week attempting to "Aquire MOAR power" following in the steps of the inhouse hackers(Sean and Tara) and stock kept disappearing, he decided to set out and find where all the stock was going, notably the redboards were especially popular for the thef. So there he was in inventory, on night watch looking out for the burglars and he heard a strange scratching noise it sounded like claws. So he called out "who is there" and then the strangest thing happened an echo developed..... whooooo whoooo whooo whoo who. He could have sworn that the acoustic engineers had confirmed that there was no echo in inventory, and so he moved out it sounded like the thief was just one rack over. He rounded the corner and found... 6 owls sitting there helping themselves to the red-boards. They all of a sudden froze, Jake froze and then all hell broke lose. Owls and red-boards were flying everywhere, the owls flew and jake ran and owls flew and jake ran and it was rained red-boards. Jake tripped....reached out...... and caught hold of the "Oh fudge" and called out an unheard "Oh fudge" as the alarm blared and clamped his hands over his ears. The "Oh fudge" alarm did have its advantages, it herded all the owls towards the foyer. This gave Jake an idea, he raced up the stairs pulled a quarter out of pants and inserted it into the N.A.D.S, and then Jake entered his happy place, 50seconds was all he needed. Owls were falling left right and center and 23seconds later it was all quiet once more. 6 dead owls lay upon the floor. Jake commissioned the owls to be stuffed and placed upon the Sparkfun parapets as warning to any further owls who might try to steal any redboards. The owls were then passed onto the marking department to mounted.

    CAPTION: And so here is a picture of a proud Jake after having caught, killed and stuffed the owls before they were mounted

  • make sure it is greater than 60$ USD not your national currency, i had the same problem

  • We told James to never mix magic with soldering, we also told him not to put the soldering iron in his pocket but alas, during the international degree of marketing and general intelligence conference (i.d.o.m.a.g.i.c) he placed his soldering iron into his pocket and on withdrawal it grew a great many times bigger, unfortunately James had only completed the beginners one-way magic course, so he was stuck presenting for the rest of the conference with his over sized soldering iron!

  • Can you guys ship this internationally or are there laws preventing shipping this on aircraft due to restrictions on liquids and "hazardous: materials been shipped in aircraft?

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