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Description: This is a 5g syringe of white heatsink compound (aka thermal grease, thermal paste, thermal goo). Use this whenever you’re connecting a component to a heatsink, it’ll really help to dissipate even more potentially damaging heat.

This compound is composed of 50% silicone, 20% carbon, and 30% metal oxide. It has a thermal conductivity of 1.172 W/(mK), which should be plenty for voltage regulators, MOSFETs, motor drivers, audio amplifiers, etc.


  • Color: White
  • Thermal Conductivity: 1.172 W/(mK)
  • Thermal Impedance: 0.195 -in2/W
  • Specific Gravity: 2.3 @25°C
  • Evaporation: 0.001% - 24 hrs @150°C
  • Bleed: 0.05% - 24 hrs @150°C
  • Moment Beared Temperature: -50-240°C
  • Operation Temperature: -30-180°C


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Customer Comments

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    Heat Sink Compound

    This is just a heat sink compound. It is not an adhesive. You need a way to secure the part to a heat sink.

  • How much area can this cover if you screw the heat sink the the board? I have an 70W amp that I need to build that will get really hot

  • is there any way to cure this compound so it is solid?

  • Is this product electrically conductive?

  • Can you guys ship this internationally or are there laws preventing shipping this on aircraft due to restrictions on liquids and “hazardous: materials been shipped in aircraft?

  • Does this Dry? I borrowed some silver thermal compound and It had a 600hr set time… never the less… it still hasnt set…

    • Little late… No. Not that I know of. I used somw of this, and the components it’s on (granted, barely used) are still able to wipe this off of.

  • Which metal oxide is that 30%?

  • This is a perfect Heat Sink Compound.

  • What is “Moment Beared Temperature”?

  • Hey I`d also love to be able to buy some Solder Paste from sparkfun, even if it costs the same as Digikey

  • This looks fine, but for that (cheap as it is) price you can get some really good thermal compound that would be suited to a high end cpu as well as some regs.

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