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  • Must not have lasted very long. I ordered on the 17th and did not receive any LEDs in my package.

  • I want to hang a bunch of Cloud Clouds in the Loveland CreatorSpace. I have the code loaded on both a Pro Mini and a Thing. I have 5 meters of WS2812 LEDs attached to the Pro Mini and I am using a 30A 5V supply that I had sitting around. There is about a ½ volt drop, but the LED Control sketch as no trouble lighting them up in the default Disco mode. The issue I currently have is wiring the serial connection between the two boards. It would be instructive if you could provide some details on that. The LED_Control side (Pro Mini) looks like it is using pins 8/9 via the AltSoftSerial library, based on the comments in the code, but I can’t see what pins to use for the Thing side. I also made tried to replicate the Blynk bit, but it appears the IOS version of Blynk does not support the LCD control yet. I assigned all the virtual I/Os to match the code for the controls that are available, but it does not seem to talk to the Sparkfun Thing. I am planning to use the clouds as a visual feedback device for the IoT lab we are constructing as part of our Internet of Things special interest group. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

  • I am unable to get the Bluesmirf Silver to pair and connect to either a Macbook Pro or iMac running OS X 10.9.5. It does pair and connect to my iPhone and to a Windows 8.1 tablet. All of the tutorials I have found appear to be an older version of the Mac OS and the System Preferences -> Bluetooth dialog box has changed significantly. I have googled this to death, but I can’t find a solution. I need this for the score reporting for the Nerdy Derby track that is going to be at the Denver Maker Faire in June. Any help would be appreciated. Thx!

  • The Loveland CreatorSpace booth at the Denver Mini Maker Faire will have a 60x36 pixel WS2812 LED display that uses Fadecandy boards, server and Processing sketches. So stop by and check it out.

  • I made it through the checkout process, used PayPal express, got my order confirmation, PayPal shows the charge … but … the order status went to “BO Arrived” and nothing shipped on Friday. I sent a query over the weekend to customer service and the response was that even though I had completed the order, they were oversold. So, I did not get one of the original offering. However, CS indicated that they made up a few boxes for people like me and it should ship out today.

    Sparkfun writes their own code for all of their web site, e-commerce included. It is a non-trivial thing to have such a limited supply, a time window for purchase (add-to-cart to payment-received) and a huge number of buyers.

    They have a few more options for this, one would be a lottery system that would provide a “ticket #” or “Coupon” kind of like the wrist-bands for concert tickets. Or, they could turn this into an auction/bid system with a window for bidding.

  • I just hooked my pcduino v2 up and I was expecting better performance. Web browsing is an exercise in frustration. Just scrolling the display is painful. It feels like the GPU isn’t running anything. I was hoping to use this as a platform for running Processing sketches to drive some art work, but that is not looking likely at the moment. I had hopes that the 1G RAM would help over the Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black.

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