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  • Darn, I had my entry all built, but it can only make left-hand turns. Shoot, maybe next year.

  • This sounds like one of those hall effect sensors that requires a field reversal to turn off - in other words, a south pole latches it high, north pole returns it to low.

  • I've only been skydiving once, and I had nice deep purple bruises in the shape of the harness for about several days...

  • If you teach your kids that, be sure to add "unless there's a fire"
    Instead of replacing the buzzer, you could just have the display flash or make a funky animation that is displayed instead of the time.

  • Ideas are like assholes. Everybody's got one, and a some people have several.
    Turning ideas into reality, now that's where the magic is. You can have the idea of a pyramid, but actually rounding up several thousand slaves and convincing them you're a god and they should build it for you, that' impressive. But with our system someone can come along and say, "I had the idea of a pocket watch fly swatter first, and even though I did nothing with it after I patented it, all your profits are belong to me". It's an unfortunate state of affairs.

  • I rue the day that I discovered this cheaper alternative called the "ceramic resonator". The number of problems that I have eventually traced back to their lack of both precision and accuracy... it's mind bottling.

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