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  • O and heads up I know your not there yet but once you start using the engine keep an eye out on the welds cause jet engines as you know are powerful and can cause a lot of vibration and we all know vibrations will start cracks in welds.

  • Yes your igniter for a jet engine is essentially your spark plug. It pulsates constantly until the trigger button is released and is just meant to ignite the jet fuel once it's ignited well the rest is history. But for the poster just be careful with jet engines make sure the intake is clear of any and all debris when getting ready to start cause it sucks in a lot of air when it's running and if you have rags or anything light next to it it well eat it right up. And make sure when you are ready to run it that you have the right fuel for it and as for the electrical wire just make sure you know how to use a multi meter and make sure you mark what wire is going to what components so you can trouble shoot when it's time and keep all wire away from the engine so they don't melt

  • So where did you go to school to learn how to do this?

    School? I didnt go to school i just watched a youtube video just a second ago and figured it cant be that hard.

  • Complete checkout do not leave in cart or else you won't get the back order

  • Is it two units total out of everything here or is it two units per item?

  • The 117 has auto range on it just a FYI incase they do get it

  • The 117 is a great multi meter I use it on a daily basis working on helicopters in the military and I've been using them for over 5 years and never had a issue. They are very reliable.

  • Just got mine today the shipping only took about 3 days got it a day earlier than expected and was pleased with the fitting(the arduino uno) my only reccomendation is to the buyers if you have a few extra bucks and dont have a smaller bread board to put on it than pick one up when you order this. Thanks sparkfun for being better than expected i will be ordering more stuff in the future.

  • when will you guys be doing this again? i only ask cause i really wanna get a box.

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