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  • I too use a Mac for my engineering and project manager work. I cover a wide scope of stuff, like web development to embedded to industrial control system to MCU coding. I switched just over a year ago and haven't looked back. Although I will admit I have a Parallels Win XP VM running because some IDEs don't have a Mac equivalent (and I have to support past projects which require older software to be running)

    One reason I prefer my MBP-R was it was light and easy to carry around. I find I do team work collaboration a lot, or site work or factory, and so picking up my computer and setting next to the client or coworker or machine or hardware or to go to the lab is very easy. I just find myself more productive on the Mac than I was on Windows.

    EAGEL is my tool for PCB. I have also used Synapse Wireless Portal on Mac. WireShark on Mac. I also like Sublime Text 2 for basic editing/writing of code. I too appreciate Logic from Saleae on Mac. I've got Xcode, but haven't used it much. EmbedXCode looks very interesting - thank you for mentioning that!

    For documentation I've been using Omnigraffle. But I wouldn't mind a nice drafting program with an appropriate price tag. Any recommendations?

  • A little late to this party, but my first thought for a caption was...


  • I'm interested to hear or, better yet, see, how one integrates this display with a case. I've got a project that needs a case. I'll be building maybe 5 to 10 of this devices, so all the case work will have to be custom. What is recommend or what have others done?

  • SparkFun World Tour - a tour I wouldn't mind being a roadie on.

  • It is great to see Parallax on the list. They really kicked off the whole idea of bringing microcontrollers to the masses with the Basic Stamp and Basic Stamp II. They have been around for some time and have been resilient in releasing new and exciting products. The Propeller IC is a great example of what small companies can do when they are they get the funding from selling great products.
    Thanks for the presentation Limor and Phillip.

  • Great tutorial. During my works in Asia I have seen some massive pogo beds and test jigs. The electronics markets usually have several vendors for selling all the parts, handles, hinges, shields, plastics and pins needed to make a test jig. The pogobeds presented here are great examples of test jigs just about anyone can make. Thanks for the tips!

  • Elektor is a very popular European magazine that has been around for a long time. It just started publishing in the USA though. Both the European and the USA edition would be great candidates for your ads.

  • WOW! Great pictures and information. Next time you are in Hong Kong/Shenzhen let me know and I would love to go along. I try to visit the Shenzhen market once a month, but lately it has been like every two or three months.
    From my experience of living in Hong Kong and working in China I can say this verify that this is how it is all over in the 10s of factories I have been in an visited as well. This is an interesting and mind blowing place to visit and experience.

  • Really - you are in Hong Kong? I live in Hong Kong and would love to meet up with you guys. How long are you in town? When do you head to Shenzhen? What are the next stops on the trip?
    Right now I am Shanghai, but I will be back in Hong Kong by the weekend. I will be back in Shaghai in a week or two, will you be coming by here at all?

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