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  • Is the silkscreen reference frame correct? It’s not a right hand reference frame, which is quite irregular…

  • But that’s still the same physical scenario – the 2 and 10 kilo weights would fall at the same rates. Both in the case of just gravity and this counter-weight arm, you have a constant net force affecting your different coins. Since the acceleration and the initial velocities of all the coins will always be the same, their fall times will be as well. So no, that can’t be right either.

  • Oh wow I remember when tilt compensated compasses were $150+

    And this was like 3 years ago! Damn.

  • I know the feeling, dave. My highschool made a big deal about the Intel Research Competition (same as Siemens' thing) - gave people class credit for it and everything… not that it didn’t take a lot of work by the kids, but that was in terms of writing about what their “mentors” did, while the kids themselves just cleaned test tubes at the lab.
    tl;dr average kids falsely taking credit for advanced work is common at these sorts of competitions
    But it’s good to hear this kid knew what he was talking about, wish I had more friends like him back at that age.

  • You could use Fritzing to set up breadboard circuit diagrams.

  • Oh I see, so this is outputs pure magnetic-magnitude-per-axis then? Thanks for the help

  • How does this compare to the pricey HMC6343?

  • According to an article I saw in Make some time back, some movie fanatic guy made a hover board :)

  • It’s about time! Great to see a Maker Faire in NYC. I’ll definitely be there.

  • These things are terrible. Absolutely terrible. I bought two a week ago to add to an e-textile project, and before I could finish, both the sensors decide that they only like to work when the “unprotected” end where the pins are is at a certain position. For sensors that are meant to be used with a lot of motion, these things are poorly designed. VERY POORLY DESIGNED.

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