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  • D'oh! I didn't realize they float to the top if voted up. :-)

  • Hmm... I posted "It's a Jeep thing. You wouldn't understand." and it lives for a few minutes and disappears? Then there's a new post from someone else saying, "It's a giant hat thing that you wouldn't understand." What gives? Did I violate a rule or something?

  • It's a Jeep thing. You wouldn't understand.

  • I agree with your findings. The two devices are not pin compatible and require a completely different wiring strategy. Given the two datasheets, the exising danger shield diagram, and the board itself, the TMP36 cannot simply be substituted for the LM335. I ended up ordering a LM335 online. The board works without modification with an LM335.

    Perhaps a "respin" is coming for this board???

  • My package arrived with the TMP36 instead of the LM335 (as noted in the writeup). However, the board has not been updated to work with the TMP36. The two temperatur sensing devices share the same package but are they are not pin compatible. The two devices differ greatly in their usage. This is noted in the forums somewhere also. One person modified the wiring to make it work with the TMP36. I looked at the diagram and board and decided to just order an LM335 and do it correctly. Take a look at the schematic and then check the datasheets for the two sensors and you'll see.

  • Folks can already keep track of what's happening by checking the actual Sparkfun website. This already is a very good communications channel. Why add to the noise?
    But, then again, if SparkFun can afford to have someone hanging around who only does Facebook...