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  • Search for COM-12999... they're the clear variety.

  • If ever you run the contest this way again, please give us a "Check THIS out!" button so we can share the silly impossi-CAPTCHAs we encounter ;).

    Some funny stuff.

    I'm exhausted, and I lost, but I'm grateful that they do this every year.

    Thanks guys.


  • Is the credit automatically applied to your account or must you be aware of the code to enter?

    Sparkfun should consider sending all winners (maybe non-winners, come to think of it) a special SparkFun-branded [F5] key for replacement of their recently-worn-out [F5] key.

  • In the Navy Micro-miniature Electronic Repair shop, we would scrub first with an acid brush and isopropyl alcohol. Then we would use a squeeze bottle to flush with distilled water, shake it off, then a little more isopropyl alcohol. The first application of alcohol breaks down the flux. The water flushes it away (preventing the light flux residue that often stays behind) and doesn't leave extra residue on the board. The final alcohol application displaces the (slow-evaporating) water and evaporates cleanly and quickly, leaving a clean board. Overkill? Maybe. But it worked.
    Hope this helps.

  • I got the RS email... I loved the "Features Items" they had sprinkled around the email: apparently, if you are a DIY'er, all you really need are a variety of soldering irons and a lighted magnifier. Tee hee. I counted four direct methods for burning ants in that one email.
    (No ants were harmed as a result of this message)

  • Would be handy to have each TH connected to one neighbor, so you can join leads/components more easily, instead of the "long wire" trick employed in a comment below.

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