Free Day is TODAY!

Are you ready?

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Well the time is near - today at 9 AM Mountain Time, SparkFun is hosting the third edition of Free Day. This year we are giving away $200,000 worth of $100 credits to the SparkFun website. Show up here at 9 AM Mountain Time on January 11th, 2012 to try your hand at winning! Want to know more? Watch the video below:

Here's a little more information:

The Rules: The give away starts at 9AM MST and is limited to $100 per person. Each winner will get a gift code that can be used at SparkFun within 60 days.

Stipulations: In order to participate, you must register an account on, and use a modern browser with JavaScript and cookies enabled. (Sorry, Lynx!)

The System: We're doing away with the quiz system of 2011 and trying to return to a give-away system that is as simple as possible, but can handle the load of the Free Day crowd. The system will randomly give away the 2,000 gift codes (2000 * $100 = $200,000) throughout the day. For example, if we set up a 7 hour giveaway window, we should see a gift given away about every 12 seconds. We will allow people to try for the prize as many times as they'd like, but we will have a basic system to prove you're not a script.

Free Day is always an intense and interesting time! We wish all of you the best of luck in getting your share of the prize!

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