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  • Laser printing is a really cool example of using static electricity.

    Cathodic protection on pipelines is another cool use of electricity for environmental protection.

  • When I count calories, the sauces are the hardest to figure out, so this machine would be great for them. Also, BBQ sauce from a peanut butter jar is less desirable than a squeeze bottle. It should be possible to leave food in the original containers.

    The Nutritionix API reference can return the fields nf_serving_weight_grams and nf_servings_per_container. If the manufacturer can be trusted to include the actual weight of food they mark on the container, the Smart Pantry could deduce the unknown container weight like this

    Measured_weight - ( nf_serving_weight_grams * nf_servings_per_container ) = Container_Weight

    Alternately, if you add a number pad to the device, the user could enter the weight printed on the container since that will probably be more precise.

    Since I never saw a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's without a UPC, maybe item tracking could be done with the bar code reader. If the weight of a particular UPC increases, the user would be asked if this is a replacement.

  • In fact, I am bummed I can't make it. Thank you for streaming

  • what happens if the board gets bumped and several pieces fall over? Does it send to phant the first "move" detected and ignore the rest?

  • I had a bunch of parts laying around and I wanted to use them.

    Hindsight: I'd be concerned with the speed of the Badger shifting out that much data. An single WS2812 consumes as much data as an entire spoke in my project.

    With a faster setup and more money, it would be the way to go. Addressable LEDs would be so much easier. While researching this project, I saw one or two bike wheels built that way. They were brighter and fancier than mine.

  • That part was the most fun to construct.

  • I got a bunch of orders complete. I just hope they're not all the same thing. What would I do with 8 weather shields?

    If it's that many twinkle kits, I'd be the twinkliest person in the office

  • I love the stock photo stories

  • I want to know too. Does J2 expose those pins on the bottom side of the hub?

  • Thanks for the awesome blog post.

    Now that I'm convinced it's cheap, I'm going to do this all the time. I wish I knew that back in April. I spent about 3 days soldering tiny wires to build a POV display. I suspect this could have saved me about 2 of those days. Next time.

    The offending project: Badger POV