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Enginursday: Even a child could do it!

Stock photography babies show incompetent adults how to safely work with electronics.

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Delving through the fascinating world of stock photography, I couldn't help noticing how incredibly bad grown-ups, including engineers, are at electronics safety. Luckily, there are lots of adorable models/babies to explain the fundamentals.

man sticking a screwdriver into a wall socket

Like This?

alt text

Uh, so, no. Easy mistake to make, no big deal, but you're actually going to want to only put *plugs* into outlets. If you get confused, consider asking a friend to help out!

idiot and fuse box

Am I doing this right?

child with toy switchboard

Wow, okay, so quick rule of thumb? If you can *see* the electricity, you might want to take a quick step back and reevaluate.

alt text


alt text

Whoa, lady WHOA! Unplug it first!

woman burning herself. calmly.

Soldering is safe as long as I'm wearing eye protection, right?

alt text

Are you being serious right now? I honestly can't even tell if you're being serious.

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  • The woman's looks like a Socket 775-based motherboard, probably circa 2003-2004. The child's appears to be a much older, slot-loaded CPU, which would put it from probably a decade before she was born. In either case, there are very few components on either board that would be suitable for field-replacement with a 15w soldering iron.

    And is that a chemistry fume hood in the background?

    And is it true that only continents that have those strange round (european) plugs have electrically-stupid stock models?

    • Fume hoods are appropriate. Think of all the nasty carcinogenic solvents and cleaners used in electronic assembly that you don't want to be inhaling.

      I'm more concerned with the utter lack of ESD equipment - no ESD mat, anti-static labcoat, grounding strap, she's wearing makeup and a ring, and so on.

      Also doesn't help that there's a battery still in place on the circuit board and that nothing is keeping the board from sliding around the table.

      The lack of ear protection is also going to be a problem once that soldering iron heats up. Even if her scream doesn't pop an eardrum, the profanity will.

      These pictures would probably make a great hiring interview item for board fab techs - what's wrong with this picture?

  • I love the stock photo stories

  • Thank you for my laughs today. I went to their website and looked up circuit repair alone and couldn't stop laughing. My favorite is either the woman holding the soldering iron in the hot zone or the Test lead from a DMM being used to solder with.

    • I see more than one example of soldering with a DMM probe!

      I just did that search, and wow, there's just too many of them! There's an electrolytic cap on a circuit board being held by needle nose pliers while a Philips screwdriver is being applied to the top of it; an SMD resistor being probed with a scope probe while simultaneously being soldered; a woman holding the hot end of a hot air rework handpiece while working on a heatsink; using a heavy duty soldering pistol on the back of a CRT tube - too many to mention.

      And that's just on the first four pages - there's 45 pages of pictures!

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