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The Intel Edison is an ultra small computing platform that will change the way you look at embedded electronics.


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Here is some source to get the parameters in Python…
I would recommend using a stepper motor. It will allow you to position the motor with precision.
The L1 (see top-left of PCB) burned up on the unit that I have. Would anyone know of a replacement part that I could use to repair the PCB?
And now, having had the weekend to turn this over in my head, it sounds like it might be a great project to tackle with a…
OK, thanks for the explanation. That doesn’t seem too tough. If you can use two analog inputs, simply set up a pair of dividers around the…
As long as you power the board through either USB or the RAW input, you’ll get 5V out on the “VCC” pin.
If you use a 5V FTDI it will put 5V on the VCC line. If you use a 3.3V FTDI than 3.3V will be on the VCC line. I believe the maximum voltage…
Yes. The Pro Mini is actually an official Arduino board so everything is fully supported in the IDE. I believe this is the only official…
It’s there a 5v output like on the red board uno clone?