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Description: Here is a six pin horizontal 1.0mm pitch connector. It is useful if you need something very tiny as a connection. These are not the standard JST type connectors we use on most of our boards, but are actually the much smaller JST-SH type. Check the drawing below.


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  • I need this type of connector, same spacing etc.. but 9 pin version. I can’t find it anywhere. Do they make it? Does anyone make it of that size?

  • Is there a footprint for this in the latest sparkfun eagle library? I cant seem to find it…..

    • Me neither, maybe I’ll borrow the part from the APM2.5 schematic

      • Looks like SM06B-SRSS-TB in the con-jst2 library is the same as this part (Available from cadsoft

  • So, not to be a pain but where are these in the SFE Eagle Library? EDIT: I’m an idiot. Nevermind. They are represented by the 1x0?-1MM-RA packages in M0? (e.g., M06 –> 1x06-1MM-RA)

  • Is this the horizontal version of the EM406 connector (

  • I believe the ruler comparison image currently shown here is incorrect per the datasheet. The sheet shows the width should be 8mm (1.0mm * contacts(6) +2.0mm) and your eagle library seems to confirm this size as well.
    Also, is this just a knockoff of the JST SH series (specifically the BM06B-SRSS-TB)? Related products (PRT-10361) seems to suggest this.

  • Looks great, but do you carry the mating connector to go with this?

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