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  • Love the article and probably will more so when I have time to read in depth.

    Coming at this from a defender perspective, there's a big opportunity to stop forgetting embedded tech.

    I've seen embedded systems running OSes years behind on patches or upgrades; vendors actually won't support updated systems. Yes. Really. I've seen it in telecom and other dedicated gear. It's maddening.

    Hm, if only I could think of just one example of, oh, I don't know, a major retail breach where an out-of-date operating systems played a major role in stealing millions of credit cards... :]

  • I love my Engineer PA07 strippers. Precision tool. Truly quality sharp blades. Nice handle. Their crimpers are fantastic too.

  • Well, I'm in. I saw this on diyrovers awhile back and debated but I have a few bucks to throw at this and the capabilities are hard to pass on. Hopefully the fundraiser is successful.

  • Sweet! Data Bus is registered!

    Chalk line? Interesting development!

  • That's awesome, welcome and congrats, Juli├ín! I emailed you a number of times a couple of years ago after supporting miniBloq. Maybe Scott and I and some of the locals can set up another bring-a-hack dinner and we can get a chance to meet you.

  • Cool! I'm sure there are more than a few folks out there who can ID those dies, right? That's sort of beyond my radar range but I'm curious to hear what transpires with these. I never had either but of course heard of the Tamagotchis.

    Since you asked, I've been fiddling with a BK Precision 1590A o-scope that went wonky on me. It has fancy LED buttons to control functions and, of course, a microprocessor driving the buttons and logic. One day, I discovered that pressing certain buttons no longer resulted in the same behavior. Eliminating insanity and beginning to troubleshoot, I found that something crapped out in the MPU which is some totally obscure chip labeled Kenwood-Trio MTM-5010. Here's the writeup so far. Next step is to do up some kind of replacement, probably with ATmega of some sort.

  • Looking forward to it! I'll be manning the Bot Thoughts table. :)

  • I prefer Mini-B on anything/everything. Doesn't everyone have like eleventy-billion mini-B cables in their stash? Mine multiply. Micro-Bs aren't common enough yet. I detest that Arduino uses B. The few square B's I have are being used by printers and large external hard drive enclosures. Long live mini-B!

  • Error in the description: "pleasure of configure the digital circuits" -> "pleasure of configuring the digital circuits"

  • Some good ground-vehicle AVC discussions going on over at diyrovers (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/diyrovers) and diydrones (http://diydrones.com/group/ardurover-user-group) specific to ArduRover