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Description: This is a simple LED-illuminated tactile button with a green cap. It's just like a basic tactile button, but it lights up green! So now you can get visual feedback, or light up your project. These have a 12mm body and are rated for 50mA. They don't easily fit into a breadboard, but check below for a breakout board. We also have these in a a variety of colors, check below to see the others.


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  • since sparkfun isn’t doing a good job of providing data for these buttons… this seems to work best for me:

    green led juice = 2vdc 50mA

    button = 12v

    button current max = ???

  • I’m trying to make an Eagle library part for this switch, but the manufacturer mechanical doc does not describe the pinout. Can someone out there tell me which pins connect when the button is pushed, which pins are anode/cathode for the LED, and what is the relationship between the switch pins and the LED connections? Is there any marking on the switch? I think I can see a faint + sign on the white plastic of one of the LED pins. Is that true?

  • yes ok

  • Whos is the manuf ?
    the data sheets says it only works down to -10C.
    I would like to contact them and see what is the reason for -10 and not lower. If its just a matter that the led may not sustain its current brightness i can live with that.
    But if its a matter that it gets to brittle then that is a whole other story.

  • According to the datasheet, “Operating switch is unhindered, rhythmed, and there is not palpable clag.” This really sets this thing apart from the tactile buttons I have had to use in the past. Or maybe that is common on newer parts and I had just not seen it before.

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